This Massive 5-Litre Bubble Tea Bottle Will Feed Your BBT Cravings For A Week In Taiwan

Zhen Yi Po Sells Giant 5-Litre Bubble Tea Bottles In Taiwan

If you limit yourself to a single serving of bubble tea in a day, we may just have found a foolproof solution for you.

That’s exactly where this Taiwanese BBT outlet named Zhen Yi Po (珍一波) comes in.


They sell good old tapioca pearl milk tea by the gallon in a quaint shop nestled in the heart of Hsinchu City.


Chew on that, people who told you to limit yourself to one cup of bubble tea per day.


Massive 5-litre bubble tea guzzling challenge

The entire bottle weighs in at an impressive 5-litres or 5kg, inclusive of the bottle – which you get to keep – and your choice of brown sugar or white jade pearls at S$22.36 (NT$500).


If you are able to chug the entire bottle of bubble tea – clocking in at an impressive 5 litres – including all of the pearls within 30 minutes, you’ll be able to get your supply of BBT entirely free.

Do call in advance if you plan to order a large amount, at least 2 hours before you collect your purchase at the stall.


Here’s a size comparison before you consider taking on the challenge. The ginormous bottle appears to be 1/4 of the kid’s height, and we’re not even sure if he’ll be able to lift it.

Brown sugar boba & classic BBT staples available too

Of course, perhaps you’re not too keen on guzzling down copious amounts of bubble tea. You can consider other items on their plentiful menu, and regular-sized drinks as well.


Simply step up to the store front to order green teas, black teas, yam milk, and a selection of toppings – pudding, grass jelly and aloe vera.


Prices are as listed below. Most drinks go for an affordable S$2.25 (NT$50), so you won’t have to bust a gaping hole in your wallets.


Please help dabao back to Singapore

Zhen Yi Po’s OG branch is along Zhongshan Road in Hsinchu City, about a 12-min walk from City Bus Train Station.

Zhen Yi Po (珍一波)

Address: 121, Zhong Shan Road, North District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm daily
Nearest Train: City Bus Train Station (Shì Qū 市區公車)
Contact Number: +886 3 522 8642
Website: Zhen Yi Po Facebook

We’d definitely like to leave a memo to those headed to Taiwan’s beautiful Hsinchu City for a December getaway — please dabao at least 2 bottles back for us.


We’ll deal with the diabetic consequences later. Maybe 0% sugar will help a little?

Featured image adapted from Instagram & Instagram.

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