S’pore Couple Involves Adopted Dog In Wedding, Donates Cash Gifts To Shelter That Rescued Him

Singapore Couple Involves Adopted Dog In Wedding & Donates To Animal Shelter

When you adopt an animal, you’re giving it a second chance at life.

Back in 2019, Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) shared a post about a dog named Winfield, which they rescued from the streets.

After a couple adopted him, they gave him the new name of Jetayu.

To thank ASD for rescuing Jetayu, they donated all the cash gifts they received at their wedding to the animal welfare group when they tied the knot recently.

adopted dog

Source: Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) on Facebook

They also gave Jetayu an important role to play at the ceremony as their protector.

Couple donates wedding cash gifts to shelter where they adopted dog

On Tuesday (12 Jul), ASD shared that Jetayu’s pawrents, Jayashri and Vikram, got married on 25 Jun and donated all the cash gifts from their wedding to the organisation.

The newlyweds did so as a way of thanking ASD for rescuing their precious furkid.

adopted dog

Source: Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) on Facebook

According to Jayashri and Vikram, they wanted to involve Jetayu at the wedding as their “protector”, just like the mythical bird they named him after. They said,

Our wedding attendees gave us their cash gifts knowing that we were going to donate it to you, so the money comes to ASD with their sincerity and generosity.

In total, the couple gave S$3,200.

Source: Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) on Facebook

Thanking the pair for their generous gift, ASD said that they are “absolutely bowled over by the love and kindness of the wedding couple and their guests”.

Dog was in bad shape prior to getting adopted

In 2019, ASD rescued Winfield from Woodlands, only to discover that he was in pretty bad shape.

Source: Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) on Facebook

He had been the victim of a vicious attack by other dogs disputing over territories. By the time ASD volunteers found him, his wounds were already festering and full of maggots.

Source: Action for Singapore Dogs on Facebook

Winfield had various wounds on his left cheek, neck, ears, nostrils, and paw, and even tested positive for heartworm.

After a week-long stay at the vet and treatment for his heartworm, the shelter put him up for adoption.

In Jan 2020, Jayashri and Vikram adopted him and changed his name to Jetayu. Since then, he’s been able to enjoy living a warm and loving furever home.

The story behind Jetayu’s new name

There is a meaningful significance behind Jetayu’s name, the couple explained.

Jetayu is the name of a mythical bird whose wings were cut off during a battle while trying to save a princess.

Jayashri and Vikram were probably reminded of this story when they first met Jetayu, who had a paralysed tail and other debilitating wounds.

They admitted that they initially hesitated to adopt him due to his health conditions. They also thought they’d “miss a wagging tail”.

Source: Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) on Facebook

However, they grew to adore him as one of their own, praising him as a gentle, sensitive, and observant pooch. In other words, “the best dog ever”.

“We definitely wanted him at the wedding as our protector (just like Jetayu the bird) and he was the goodest ambassador for ASD,” they said.

adopted dog

Source: Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) on Facebook

The pics of Jetayu show that he is clearly thriving in his new life, with a loving set of pawrents who take very good care of him.

Wishing Jetayu a happy life with his pawrents

Sadly, there are countless stories of traumatised animals meeting an unfortunate end in our community.

This makes it all the more special that Jetayu has been able to find such a loving new home with a set of dedicated, wonderful parents.

Kudos to Jayashri and Vikram for taking him in despite their initial reservations and giving him a new lease at life. We wish them a blissful marriage and a long and happy life together with Jetayu.

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Featured image adapted from Action for Singapore Dogs on Facebook.

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