Police Investigating Angry Trans-Cab Driver Caught Cursing & Lashing Out In 2 Viral Clips

Angry Trans-Cab Driver Gets Into Altercation With Fellow Motorist In Singapore

UPDATE (30 Nov, 9.55am): Police replied on Twitter saying that they have established the identity of the 42-year-old male taxi driver. Investigations are ongoing. This article has been updated below to reflect the latest development.

This afternoon (29 Nov), a video posted on Facebook group SG Road Vigilante revealed an angry cab driver getting into an altercation with a fellow motorist at an undisclosed location in Singapore.


The video depicting the alleged Trans-Cab driver quickly went viral, garnering around 540 shares at the time of writing.

Here’s a summary of the hotly debated recording.

Angry Trans-Cab driver turned vulgar & violent

At the start of the video, a furious-looking man, who seems to be the driver of a Trans-Cab vehicle, greets us with a middle finger pointed towards the camera.


Then, he makes his way towards the driver’s seat and tries to open the car door. Upon realising that the door was locked, he has no qualms with slamming the window with his fist.


If you turn on the volume, you can tell how forceful his slam is judging by the loud ‘thud’.

Continues elbowing & kicking car 4 times

Unfortunately, that slam is not enough to assuage his anger as he swings his elbow against the window. Ouch.


He continues to do so for another 4 times. But that’s not the end of the poor car’s suffering.

After a few punches and elbows, he kicks the car door. And just when this motorist decides to drive away, the poor car suffers another kick to its bum.


Makes appearance in second viral clip online

When news of the angry driver went viral, netizens were quick to reveal a second clip that depicts the same man.

Although there were no violent flails this time, he was caught using harsh words against an apparent group of passengers, who were appalled by his behaviour.

Police investigations ongoing, cab driver likely terminated

On Twitter, police replied to a tweet by one Suresh Kumar, who had uploaded the 2 videos to the platform.


According to the tweet on Friday (29 Nov), police has identified the 42-year-old cab driver involved in 2 cases of:

  • Road rage along Paterson Hill on 22 Nov
  • Criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt at 14 Scotts Road on 24 Nov

Investigations are ongoing.

MS News has reached out to Trans-Cab Services for comment on 29 Nov. While they have yet to respond, we have reason to believe that the cab driver has been terminated by the company.

SG Road Vigilante released an update of a statement that appears to be issued by Trans-cab Services Pte Ltd.


According to the screenshot, it says that “the company has terminated this driver and he is no longer with Transcab.”

Violence is never the answer

Even though we’re not sure what could have started this altercation, but violence is never the answer to problems.

In an age where people can easily whip out their smartphones to record happenings, you’ll never know when an instance of rage may permanently seal your fate online.

It’s simply not worth it.

Feature images adapted from SG Road Vigilante

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