Brave Security Uncle In Whampoa Keeps His Cool While ‘Entitled’ Condo Resident Yells At Him

Security Uncle In Whampoa East Calmly Enforces Condo Rules Despite Getting Yelled At By ‘Entitled’ Resident

Update (17 Jan 2020): Mr Erramalli Ramesh – the man caught shouting in the viral video – was given a “stern warning” for intentionally causing harassment on Friday (17 Jan), reports The Straits Times.

4 other men were also given warnings for threatening Mr Erramalli and his family with death, violence, and rape.

Service staff and security guards are often just people earning a living like everyone else, yet they often suffer abuse.

A video posted on Facebook on 26 Oct (Saturday) depicts a scene where a man is shouting at a security guard at a Whampoa East condo.


The altercation, which appears to have taken place on Friday night (25 Oct), was apparently over a rule set by condo management, where visitors have to pay a fee to park inside.

However, the resident was having none of it, and giving the uncle a hard time.

But even through this difficult situation, the uncle stands his ground. You can view the video here.

Resident vehemently disagrees with condo rules

The video begins during what seems to be an ongoing argument between the enraged resident and at least 2 others, one of whom is filming everything.


After ordering his visitor to lock the car, the resident utters,

I buy your f******* property for 1.5 million dollars, you know.

Great, he owns a property. But the guy is guarding the very same property he owns.

The uncle replies that he’s merely enforcing the rules — a line he would later repeat as the resident becomes more agitated.


The rules require that visitors pay $10 to enter the premises after 11pm, presumably to ensure the security of residents.

Which, you know, includes the man bragging about having bought a property.

Uncle remains calm throughout

In Singapore, all races and peoples are equal under the law. No preferential treatment is given to any one race simply because they are celebrating a festival.

However, this man does not appear to have received the memo, because he starts asking why his friends cannot be let in without paying “as it’s Diwali”.

Then while the uncle is taking down the resident’s particulars – so that management can contact him – he gets told,

You, as a security,  you don’t stop my (visitors)

But that’s literally this uncle’s job. He can’t just let anyone in, precisely because he’s guarding a private property.

The uncle continues to insist, with admirable calmness, that the resident follows condo rules,

I’m just enforcing the rules. I don’t decide (who gets to enter).

Props to Unker for keeping his cool

Throughout the argument, while dealing with the absurd rudeness of the resident, Uncle kept his cool and remembered his duty.


His job is not to set the rules, but merely to enforce them. He also avoided getting into the muddy depths of racial policies, which weren’t even relevant in this situation. Anyone would have been stopped after 11pm.

Maybe the resident could learn a thing or 2 about how Singapore works: namely, that security uncle is not so easy to bully one, hor.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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