S’pore Stray Animal Rescuer In ICU With Acute Liver Failure, Needs Donors Urgently

Animal Rescuer In Coma In ICU With Acute Liver Failure

A Singapore couple with a heart of gold have been faithfully rescuing stray animals across the island.

Unfortunately, one-half of the couple — the man — was recently diagnosed with acute liver failure.

His condition is now so serious that he’s in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Source: Shindy Lam via @8worldnews on Instagram

His wife is now urgently appealing for liver donors to save her husband’s life.

Wife of animal rescuer with liver failure appeals for donors

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (27 Dec), Ms Shindy Lam revealed that her husband was battling acute liver failure.

She urged potential donors who’re willing to help to send her a private message. They must fit the following criteria:

  1. Aged 18 to 50
  2. Weighs 60kg to 90kg
  3. Has blood type O+
  4. Doesn’t need long-term medication nor has a medical condition

The need is urgent, she said. Whoever can help could give them a “lifeline”, she added, stating,

Your kindness is a beacon of hope in our storm.

Animal rescuer diagnosed with liver failure on 21 Dec

In an interview with 8world News, Ms Lam said her husband, who is 52, used to be a deliveryman and was in good health.

However, at the beginning of this year he began to feel tiredness.

During a check-up on 21 Dec, he was suddenly diagnosed with acute liver failure.

Doctors told them that he needed an immediate liver transplant or his condition would deteriorate quickly.

He was admitted to the ICU and has currently fallen into a coma.

The next seven days would be the best period for the transplant, doctors said.

Couple have been animal lovers for 26 years

The couple have been animal lovers for 26 years, Ms Lam said.

They usually spend their time feeding and rescuing stray dogs and cats, as well as volunteering at animal shelters.

For example, on 22 Dec, she donated S$150 to the care of a puppy rescued from a heavy vehicle parking area in Punggol Field, according to a post by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary.

Source: Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Facebook

Though her husband isn’t highly educated, he’s a hardworking, frugal and caring person, Ms Lam said.

Despite having to work every day, he would still get up at 3am daily to feed stray dogs before going to work, she added.

Once, his hand was injured by a metal pole when he was feeding strays at a construction site, leading to a three-day hospital stay.

Even when he was in a state of delirium last Saturday (24 Dec), he tried to ask her to feed the strays.

Wife thanks those who expressed interest

In response to her Facebook post, Ms Lam has received many messages from kind-hearted people, she said.

However, after she explained to them that the surgery comes with risks and a lengthy recovery period, some had to reconsider as they couldn’t spare so much time.

Nevertheless, she expressed her gratitude to all those who contacted her.

If her husband hadn’t fallen ill, she wouldn’t have known that there were so many caring people in Singapore, she gracefully added.

This unfortunate situation couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple, so if you can donate or know someone who can, do come forward and contact Ms Lam as soon as possible.

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Featured image adapted from Shindy Lam via @8worldnews on Instagram.

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