S’pore Woman Says ‘Apple.com’ Took S$205 From Her DBS Account Over 8 Days, Advises Vigilance

Woman Loses Over S$200 From Her DBS Account In ‘Apple’ Scam

Sometimes, we do not pay as close attention to our bank transactions as we should. Especially when we know we have enough in our accounts, some of us spend without monitoring the ins and outs of our money.

One woman in Singapore learnt her lesson the hard way when she recently discovered that she lost over S$200 in roughly a week due to unauthorised transactions.

She then contacted her bank, and they were able to get her money back.

She took to TikTok on Tuesday (30 May) to share her experience and advise POSB or DBS cardholders to monitor their transactions closely.

‘Apple’ scam involves charging her DBS account small amounts every day

In the video, she said she was checking her transaction history when she realised that Apple.com had been taking money from her account every day.

apple scam dbs

Source: TikTok

She explained that the charges were initially small sums of S$1, S$3, and S$6.

However, the amount snowballed and ended up costing the content creator S$205 over eight days.

She reviewed all her transactions and realised they totalled up to 28 charges. She then went through her subscriptions and regular payments, and discovered the amounts did not add up.

In screenshots accompanying the TikTok video, the charges stated that they were from “apple.com/bill” alongside the transaction dates.

apple scam dbs

Source: TikTok

These charges apparently started on 19 May. Deductions were made almost daily until 27 May.

“You don’t notice these little tiny transactions. You don’t see the money depleting from your account,” added the content creator.

Bank helped her cancel the charges, urges others to check transactions carefully

Thankfully, the creator called DBS in time and said they were very helpful.

The bank helped to block her card and take her account off all automatic charges. They will also be sending her a new card with a new number.

She ended her TikTok video urging viewers to check their accounts and call their banks if something is amiss.

Source: TikTok

She also added that after talking about it on Instagram, people have reached out to her to share similar experiences.

“You need to check, okay? Check, write it down. Do the math, call [POSB or DBS], tell them what the f–k is up, you’ll get your money back, hopefully.”

Contact your bank immediately if you notice anything suspicious

Responding to queries from MS News, DBS told us they have been in touch with the customer to provide support. Their customer service officer swiftly blocked the compromised card, issued a card replacement, and assisted with funds recovery.

With scams and fraud on the rise, DBS has been actively dialling up on customer education efforts and empowering them to take proactive action in safeguarding themselves.

They highlighted that they adopt multi-pronged measures to strengthen fraud prevention and recovery. These include real-time blocking capabilities and loss recovery.

Source: DBS

As customers remain the first line of defence in safeguarding against scams, the bank encourages them to enable added security features on their cards.

Customers can also find tips on protecting themselves while banking online on their website.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your DBS/POSB cards, you should immediately call their dedicated 24/7 fraud hotline at 1800-339-6963 if you are in Singapore or +65 6339 6963 if you are overseas.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok

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