Marvel Avengers Assemble At Jewel Changi Airport, Snap Pics With Your Favourite Superheroes & Their Weapons

Marvel Avengers Assemble At Jewel Changi Airport, Snap Pics With Your Favourite Superheroes & Their Weapons

Marvel Avengers Exhibition At Jewel Changi Airport Till 13 Aug

The Avengers, with their universe-saving antics and slick battle moves, can turn every grown adult back into an excited child.

Come 26 May (Friday), fans in Singapore will have a chance to meet their superheroes in the flesh — sort of — at Jewel Changi Airport.

Image courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport

In an immersive exhibition featuring larger-than-life statues, fans can geek out to their heart’s delight.

Apart from the countless photo opportunities, the exhibition boasts a treasure trove of fun facts for Marvel superfans.

Snap pictures with supersized Avengers displays

In the movies, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is mighty enough to defeat his greatest foes.

Similarly, the massive 3.5m-high version of the weapon at Jewel will leave you awestruck.

The hammer appears to be battle-worn with realistic scuff marks on its metal head.

Image courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport

It tilts to one side, as though a giant Thor had just left it there after fighting the bad guys.

We wouldn’t advise trying to lift this hammer though, no matter how worthy of it you think you are.

Not far from Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s iconic shield sits amongst the trees in its full glory.

Image courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport

Unlike the hammer though, the 3m-high shield is in pristine condition — proudly representing its hero in red, white, and blue.

While Thor and Captain America themselves are nowhere in sight, a majestic Iron Man stands tall — 5m tall, to be exact — in a battle stance.

Image courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport

With his outstretched arm and intense gaze, it doesn’t take much to imagine him facing off with a villain right in the heart of Jewel.

Deep dive into Avengers universe through immersive exhibits

Apart from the power-packed and life-like displays, visitors can also find out more about their favourite heroes and their backstories.

Image courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport

Through the detailed write-ups, fans can trace the timeline of the Avengers and appreciate their heroes for more than just their awesome battle skills.

Image courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport

While only die-hard Marvel fans might be able to appreciate the full scope of the exhibit, it wouldn’t hurt for casual fans to give the information a read.

Who knows, the factoids may come in handy the next time you’re making small talk with a stranger.

For those who are excited to experience the exhibition for themselves, here’s how you can get there:

Avengers: Beyond Earth’s Mightiest @ Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666
Dates: 26 May – 13 Aug
Opening hours: 24 hours
Nearest MRT station:
Changi Airport

You may want to time your visit just right though as there’ll be a special treat in the evenings.

At 8pm every day, the superheroes will be projected onto the HSBC Rain Vortex in a dazzling light and sound showcase.

On Fridays to Sundays, visitors can also catch the showcase at 10pm in addition to the 8pm slot.

If you’re keen to find out more about the exhibition, visit the Jewel website here.

Assemble with the Avengers at Jewel Changi

For those with kids, the exhibition is here just in time for the June holidays.

Alternatively, if you’re an adult who wants to indulge your inner child (or you’re just a huge fan of the massively successful comic book franchise), the immersive displays might just be your cup of tea.

Image courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport

With tons of photo opportunities and insider information about the amazing world of the Avengers, the exhibition is a chance for those who want to experience the amazing world of the Avengers for themselves.

Will you be visiting the Avengers exhibition at Jewel Changi Airport? Tag those who might also be interested in the comments.

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