Johor Mum Allegedly Finds 3-Month-Old Son With Broken Leg Under Nanny’s Care, Urges Caution

Mum In Johor Bahru Finds Baby’s Leg Broken After Two Weeks With Nanny

Busy parents are sometimes left with no choice but to leave their young children under the care of another.

When entrusting children to a babysitter, it is thus important to make sure that they can take good care of the kids.

A mother in Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru, had left her three-month-old son under a nanny’s care for two weeks. But unfortunately, she came back to find that he suffered from a broken leg.

Source: Bukit Indah大小事 on Facebook

Wishing to forewarn other parents to be careful when choosing a nanny, she took to the Bukit Indah大小事 Facebook group to share her experience.

Found nanny via online job posting, felt she was trustworthy

According to the post, the OP hired the nanny after coming across an online job posting.

She and her husband had gone to multiple homes before settling on the person, who marketed herself as a “loving nanny”. The nanny also claimed she was particular about cleanliness and that she was always home with her four-year-old daughter.

Believing the nanny to be trustworthy, the couple left their three-month-old son under her care for two weeks from 15 Feb.

Things seemed to be going well initially, as they received photos and videos from the nanny, assuring them their son was eating and sleeping well.

However, after they picked their son up on 27 Feb, the OP claimed that her son seemed very tired.

He also kept crying, although the couple had fed him and changed his diapers, resulting in them having to hold him the entire night.

Source: Bukit Indah大小事 on Facebook

The couple initially thought the baby was frightened or uneasy.

Realised baby was in pain whenever they touched his right leg

However, the following day, while putting on socks for the baby, the father realised that his son would cry whenever his right leg was touched. The couple then realised that he was also not moving his right leg much.

Worried, they took him to a doctor, who referred them to a private hospital to see an orthopaedist.

The specialist did a scan and found a broken bone in his right calf. As the injury was likely human-caused, he suggested the couple lodge a police report.

Source: Bukit Indah Da大小事 on Facebook

The baby’s leg had to be put in a cast.

Source: Bukit Indah大小事 on Facebook

Nanny claims she was falsely blamed for baby’s broken leg

The OP attached a series of text messages between her and the nanny in her post.

In her messages, the nanny denied doing anything to harm the baby. She also expressed regret over agreeing to take care of OP’s baby, saying she was now being falsely blamed.

Source: Bukit Indah大小事 on Facebook

The OP pointed out that when she and her husband returned to the nanny’s house to pick up their belongings, the nanny started “crying crocodile tears”.

Surprisingly, after some probing by the husband, the nanny eventually admitted that a past client had reported her to the police for similar complaints.

However, she claimed that the child of her husband and his ex-wife were responsible for the incident, and she was also a victim.

Before they left the nanny’s home, the OP said they were forced to accept RM50 (S$15) from the nanny, which she found “funny” as the X-ray, casting and medical bills cost far more than that.

She also highlighted that the injury could have a long-term impact on her son.

The OP updated that her son was recovering at home. But he seems to get scared easily and would often wake up crying.

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Featured image adapted from Bukit Indah大小事 on Facebook.

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