KTV Patron Accuses Fellow Customer Of Singing Badly; Starts A Brutal Street Brawl

KTV Patrons In China Fight Over Bad Singing

Fights can break out over a whole host of reasons.

But for singing badly? Now that’s not something that you hear about every day.

Yet that was what happened recently in China where 2 groups of KTV patrons got into a fight after one accused the other of singing badly.

Patron allegedly told fellow customers they sang awfully

According to the Oriental Daily, the incident happened at a KTV at Heilongjiang, China.

CCTV footage shows a man dressed in a black jacket confronting 2 other male patrons at the KTV and reportedly telling them that their singing was awful.


He then gestured aggressively to the pair and jio-ed them to a fight outside the KTV.


Following the confrontation, the instigator, who was accompanied by 4 friends, walked out of the KTV.


Unbeknownst to the 5 of them, the other two KTV customers were following closely behind.

Turns into a street brawl

The KTV patrons probably took things too seriously. Because the next thing we know, the two groups were seen in an all-out brawl on the street outside the KTV.


Given their clear advantage in numbers, the group of perpetrators were dominant throughout the fight.

One man from the group of two was even pushed to the ground and was on the receiving end of punches and kicks.


Miraculously, the two victims suffered minor injuries despite the onslaught they received.

The local police were notified of the assault and arrested all 5 attackers in no time.

Strangely, the instigator claimed that the incident wouldn’t have turned violent if the pair did not follow them out of the KTV.

Don’t get triggered over trivial matters

KTVs are entertainment centres meant for customers to chill out and unwind. There’s absolutely no need for things to get violent over trivial matters like the subjective judgement of one’s singing.

We are glad that the aggressors were brought to justice in this instance.

If there’s one lesson that we can all learn from this incident, it’s that we should be more tolerant of others’ singing, and have a thicker hide to withstand the criticism of others.

Featured image from Wang Yi

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