Man Berates Bintan Hotel Staff For Allegedly Waking Him Up At 3AM, Causes A Scene

Man Scolds Staff In Bintan Hotel Lobby And Causes A Scene

While on holiday, everyone wants to relax and escape from the realities of everyday life.

However, a man at a Bintan hotel disrupted the peace when he loudly scolded a staff member in the hotel lobby.

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In what sounds like a Singaporean accent, the man expressed his anger for having been woken up at 3AM the previous night.

A follow-up video revealed that the staff had knocked on the man’s door to inform him that they had found his wandering mother.

Additionally, the man has yet to settle the remainder of his bill despite demanding a refund.

Man with Singapore accent shouts at Bintan hotel staff

On Tuesday (30 May), a TikTok user uploaded a video of the unpleasant exchange.

The man in the video speaks with a Singaporean accent and raised his voice to scold the hotel staff.

Bintan hotel staff scolding

Source: TikTok

In a stern tone, he reminded the staff that “you do not get into an argument with a hotel guest”.

Additionally, the man mentioned that he had been woken up at 3AM when he wanted to rest.

In an attempt to placate the guest, the staff can be heard apologising multiple times.

Meanwhile, the man recording the scene said that the guest had also been “causing trouble” the previous night.

Staff found his mother wandering the hotel at 2AM

A TikTok video allegedly containing the hotel’s side of events revealed the incident that occurred the night before.

Apparently, the hotel staff got involved when the man’s mother confused another guest’s room for her own.

@dan_wilk Secequence of Events from the Ship Hotel -DOULOS PHOS, The Hotel knocked the door at 3am to ensure the guest mother found lost and safe back to his cabin, why yelling at the corridor woke all the guest up at midnight and make a scene again the next morning? #scene #complaint #hotel #mothershipsg #mothership #moneyback #refund #dutyofcare #fypシ゚viral #fypシ #fyp #trend #trending #trendingvideo #facebook #instagram #youtube #disgraceful #shame @wilkinson310 @wilkinson310 ♬ original sound – wilkinson310 – Dan

After some checking, the staff managed to reunite the elderly woman with her husband in their hotel room.

The latter, who is the man’s father, was unaware that his wife had gone wandering.

Later, he informed staff that his wife suffered from a condition, implying that she may have dementia.

Concerned that the situation may recur, the director got the staff to update the man regarding his mother.

Man allegedly scolds hotel staff when they told him about his mother

When the staff came knocking, the man told them to go away as he and his child were sleeping.

Standing outside of his room, they then asked whether he was related to the elderly lady. They also expressed concerns that she may walk out again late at night.

It was supposedly at this point that the man became angry, refusing to disclose his relationship with the elderly woman.

Bintan hotel staff scolding

Source: TikTok

He also said that the staff should have respected the ‘Do Not Disturb’ door sign he hung outside.

Despite the staff’s attempts to voice their concerns, the man came out of his room and began scolding them.

This commotion caused another guest to request that he stop shouting as they too had children who wanted to sleep.

Eventually, the staff chose to leave to keep the situation from escalating further.

MS News has reached out to the hotel for its statement and will update the story if they reply.

Man demanded refund & continued tirade towards hotel staff in lobby

Right before the end of the first dispute, the man demanded a refund from the hotel and an immediate checkout.

The argument continued the next morning as he began shouting at the hotel staff in the lobby.

“(I’ve) tried to be reasonable with you guys, but when you behave unreasonably with me, then I’m not gonna be reasonable with you as well.” he said.

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He reiterated that they should not have kept trying to wake him up, since it was not an emergency.

Elaborating further, he did not see why the hotel staff had to tell him when his mother had already returned safely.

Additionally, he expressed his frustration at a power outage that took place at the same time.

Bintan hotel may take legal action against man if he shares misinformation

In the statement shared with the TikTok user, the hotel allegedly said the guest had made more derogatory comments.

Nonetheless, it would not divulge further.

Bintan hotel staff scolding

Source: TikTok

Rather, the management said it would prefer to let the issue go.

However, that would change if the man shares an “inappropriate” and “non-factual” account of events.

Under those circumstances, the hotel would seek legal recourse.

On top of that, the management mentioned the man has yet to settle the remainder of his bill and has informed him accordingly.

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