This Realistic Otter Pencil Case Lets You Legally Bring A Bishan Otter Home

Bishan Otter Pencil Case & Wrist Rest Ship To Singapore

Bishan is known for many things, but one of the most famous icons is the family of otters that reside in Bishan Park.


If you want to bring one home, you’ll probably be arrested.


But now you can bring home this realistic sleeping otter wrist rest from Felissimo instead.

The perfect wrist rest

Forget Razer and other gaming peripheral companies. You can now use this snoozing critter for your wrist rest.


While you work on your computer, enjoy the company of this cute furry friend. Thanks to the plushy soft cushioning, we’re sure typing will feel ‘otterly’ great.

Doubles up as a pencil case

The deal only gets better. The sleeping otter wrist rest doubles up as a pencil case.


We absolutely love the incredible details on the pencil case — observe the little pink paw pads on the reverse side of each limb.


You can bring your new friend to work and school sans the fishy smell, and be the absolute envy of all your colleagues and classmates.

Otterly awake pencil case

Did we mention that this sleeping otter has a friend who’s extremely alert and arguably as adorable?


This pencil case definitely seems like a good catch, if you catch our drift. Plus, you’ll be able to load up the spacious pouch with all your stationery.


Yes, you may shake that paw with all your might without having to fear hurting the little critter.


We’ll say you have a 9/10 chance to attract the girl of your dreams by simply showing her this picture.

Comes equipped with pinchable cheeks

Results not guaranteed.

How to bring an otter home

You can own the wrist rest and pencil case with just a few clicks on their website.

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Choose between a sleeping otter and the extra kawaii active version here. Shipping to Singapore is available at an additional S$12 (¥2,700).

Price: S$32.70 (¥2,700/pouch)
Shipping: S$12 (¥2,700/shipment)
Sleeping Otter (44cm length, 19cm width, 10cm height)
Active Otter (40cm length, 15cm width, 13cm height)
Material: Polyester with fabric filling

Something so cute won’t be left on the shelf for long, so definitely grab yours before stocks run out.

The price to pay for bringing home a member of the Bishan otter family may be hefty, but we’ll settle for cute pics of them too. Here’s one to bless your weekend.


Featured image from OtterWatch Facebook and Fellissimo.

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