Blood Donors Urgently Needed As Blood Bank Runs Critically Low For A+, B+, O+ & AB+ Types

Blood Donors For A+, B+, O+ & AB+ Blood Types Urged To Make Donations ASAP

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve seen an outpouring of support for medical workers on the frontline, including cards containing encouraging words and refreshments to keep spirits up.


Now, medical workers require our help once again, and with something that’s especially vital to keep their life-saving operations ongoing — blood.

As of Friday (14 Feb), blood stock levels for a number of blood types have fallen to critically low levels.


Blood donors for 4 critically low blood types should donate now

Based on a graphic on Singapore Red Cross’ website, the blood types that are currently at ‘critically low’ levels are:

  • A+
  • B+
  • O+
  • AB+

This means that blood donations for the above blood types are urgently needed, and donors are urged to make donations on the same day.


On the other hand, blood stock levels are “low” for these blood types:

  • A-
  • B-
  • O-
  • AB-

Though less pressing than the blood types under the “critical” category, donors are still urged to make donations within the week.

Blood is needed to support patients in Singapore

According to Singapore Red Cross, blood is required daily to support patients’ needs in Singapore, especially those with conditions like leukaemia, thalassaemia, other bleeding disorders, as well as patients undergoing major surgeries.


Unfortunately, Singapore’s blood stocks are currently on a downward trend, according to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), which manages our blood banks.

Hence, the authority strongly urges healthy and eligible donors to step forward and help patients during this trying time.


New  measures in light of Covid-19 outbreak

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, HSA has also introduced extra measures to ensure the safety of the blood collected as well as the health of its donors, reports TODAY Online.

For example, potential donors and their companions have to go through screening for respiratory symptoms like cough or runny nose since last Friday (7 Feb) — when the DORSCON level was raised to orange.

Those who are unwell, as well as those with travel history to China and, are on leave of absence in the last 14 days will be barred entry to blood banks.

Additionally, the authority has also increased the frequency of their cleaning efforts and are more closely monitoring the medical condition of those working there.

All these are being done, despite there being no current evidence that Covid-19 is transmissible through blood.

Let’s do our part to help patients by donating blood

Just like how we’ve supported efforts of our medical staff through encouraging words and morale-lifting initiatives, we can also do our part to aid patients undergoing medical treatment by donating blood.

For more information on where you can donate blood or if you are eligible, visit HSA’s website here, or the Singapore Red Cross’s website here.

Don’t forget to upkeep good hygiene during these times by washing our hands often with soap, and to visit a doctor ASAP if you’re feeling unwell.

Together, we can all help to keep Covid-19 at bay, and in time, resume normalcy with our lives.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Red Cross

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