JC Boy Finds Out “Casual Partner” Is Pregnant Just Before A-Levels

JC Boy Finds Out Casual Partner Is Pregnant

Nights when you’re fooling around in bed can get quite messy. And in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget some very important precautions.

For a Reddit user, who goes by the befitting pseudonym of ‘hammercock987’, his carelessness has led to a heavy consequence.

On Sunday (26 Nov), he wrote in a post that his “casual partner” is pregnant. She had tested positive last Thursday (22 Nov). To make things worse, both of them are waiting to take their A-Level papers this week and next.

Asking for help

Teenage pregnancy is scary. It’s one of those things you read about online and think that it will never happen to you.

In fact, the boy explained that he uses protection 99% of the time. But in the case of passionate on-bed exercises, all it takes is a careless few seconds for a big, troubling bump to develop.

The boy then asked what his options were. He raised issues like the cost of an abortion and if they would need their parents’ consent for one.

A decision for later

The boy wrote that they would decide what to do after their papers.

His last paper will be on Friday (30 Nov), while hers will be sometime next week, as she is taking the advanced H3 paper.

Users in the comments section were not only helpful, but also encouraging. Many offered websites with information about teenage pregnancy. Others praised him for taking responsibility for the matter.

Teenage pregnancy 101

In 2016, there were 343 abortions performed on under the age of 20, while the number of children were born to women aged 19 and below was 332.

These young mothers can turn to Babes, a support group for pregnant teenagers. The group not only helps teenagers navigate the pregnancy but continues to support them afterwards.


Here are some facts about the abortion procedure:

  1. Can only be carried out on pregnancies less than 24 weeks old
  2. Costs between $300 to $3,500
  3. Does not require parental consent
  4. Patient will have to undergo counseling 48 hours before the procedure

Deciding whether to go for abortion is just one matter. There is also the matter of what happens afterwards. The procedure may take a mental toll on the girl or even her partner. This is why some users advised the boy to be more attentive to her in the coming weeks.

The other option is to keep the child. For this, Babes has initiatives like postnatal nanny assistance to help young mothers.

As for now, we hope the two of them will be able to focus on doing their papers well.

Featured image from Babes.

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