Bubble Tea Crabs With Brown Sugar Pearls Exist In Kuala Lumpur & We Have So Many Questions

Bubble Tea Crab With Pearls In Kuala Lumpur Is Next Level Fusion Food

Kuala Lumpur is no stranger to crazy fusion food, from fried Milo chicken cutlets to Haw Flakes gelato ice cream.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

You may be familiar with pearls on egg tarts, lava buns & even bubble tea hotpots. Now we’d like to formally introduce you to brown sugar pearl crabs.


Yes, those glistening globules of starch are tapioca pearls. Not hundreds of extra crab eyeballs.

This dish is 100% legit but we’ve got so many questions — like whether it’s comparable to Singapore’s iconic Chilli Crab.

Brown sugar pearl crabs with buttery milk sauce

If you’re scratching your heads like us & wondering how well crab and pearls go together, we’re told the dish embodies the essence of BBT at every turn.


First, the chef stir-fries the crab in a decadent milk and butter sauce, before topping the dish with a generous serving of brown sugar pearls.


Apparently, the pearls add a chewy texture – aka QQ bite – to the succulent crab meat.


We also spot sprinkles of crispy fried garlic, so you can expect a sweet & savoury combination that works similarly well with butter crab dishes in Singapore.

Oreo cheese crab, durian crab & tiramisu crabs too

The Crab Generation Restaurant doesn’t just infuse their crabs with bubble tea.

They boast a vast array of over 20 flavours to choose from, including:

  • Oreo Cheese Crab
  • Tiramisu Crab
  • Singapore Chilli Crab
  • Curry & Pandan Bread Crab


As for the price, it usually depends on the season and size of the crabs selected.

MS News understands that 2 XL crabs cost S$32.18 (RM98) and 2 XXL crabs go for S$51.88 (RM158). Prices are correct at the time of writing & are frankly quite a steal compared to Singapore restaurants.

Here’s how to get there

But first, here’s a quick look at the brains behind this crazy new concoction — 蟹的传人 Crab Generation Restaurant. This signature dish is offered at 3 branches of their restaurant chain in Malaysia.


Here are their addresses & business hours according to I Love Malaysian Food, in case you’re planning a trip soon.

Cheras Head Office
Address: No. 60-G, 11th street, Len Seng Park, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
Driving Directions: https://waze.com/ul/hw2837pxur
Tel: 017-262 1098
Business Hours: 11.00am-2.45pm; 5.30pm-10.30pm daily

Balakong Branch
Address: No. 32-G & 32-1, Cheras Square Jalan 2, Cheras Balakong Business Square, 43200, Selangor (Cheras Traders Square)
Driving Directions: https://waze.com/ul/hw28378mqx
Tel: 012-699 1098
Business Hours: 11.00am-2.45pm; 5.30pm-10.30pm daily

Seremban Branch
Address: No. 355, Jalan: Uptown Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, NEGERI SEMBILAN.
Driving Directions: https://waze.com/ul/hw22rr49mm
Tel: 06-601 0525
Business Hours: 11.00am-2.45pm; 5.30pm-10.30pm daily

Fans of BBT are going to have a field day with this dish.

Do let us know if this combination is crossing an unsaid line for you in the comments below.

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Featured image from 我爱大马美食 I Love Malaysian Food on Facebook and Facebook.

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