Bukit Bintang’s Back Alley Murals In KL Make It Haji Lane On Steroids

Bukit Bintang In KL Has Stunning Murals Hidden In Plain Sight

Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur may not be on the radar for their gorgeous murals yet. But come 2019, we expect Singaporeans to be flocking there in droves.


The once derelict back alleyways have now been utterly transformed in an ongoing “urban renewal project” by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to be completed by Dec 2018.

We snooped around on Google Maps for a sneak peek at the finished product. Trust us when we say they’ll give Haji Lane a run for its money.

Just around the riverbend

You can now literally walk on water amongst a peaceful grove of trees thanks to this 3D mural artist’s stunning masterpiece.


We particularly like the neon clouds that line your way among the towering silhouettes of trees — they’re even more beautiful when they’re lit up at night.


Psychedelic rainbow motifs

If you grew up in the 60s and 70s, you’ll feel right at home at these psychedelic rainbow-themed murals.


A rosy-cheeked boy blowing leaf bubbles against the backdrop of multiple aircon units, will welcome you warmly along the streets.


Look out for an angular, cuboid-faced grey lady proudly displaying the universal sign for peace at the end of the alley.


You probably won’t find a pot of gold the end of this rainbow, but a homey cafe will be wonderful too.

The birds & the bees

Capturing the vibrancy of flora and fauna seems to be the intent of the talented artists behind these murals.


From a brilliant blue kingfisher perched atop a tree branch on the walls lining the alley…


…To a pair of toucans huddled snugly together as they take in the fragrance of fresh hibiscus flowers in the vicinity.


Expect to spot all manner of insects and wildlife as you trawl through the back alleys.


Do remember to keep your eyes on the road so you don’t crush actual snails or poor ladybugs either.

Havana Guest House’s transformation is worth a mention as well.

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This is a closeup of the dragonflies that now flit across the sky blue building.


We really love how the entire estate seems to have taken on a new lease of life with this elaborate and imaginative paint job.

Boutique yard hotels

Looking for a place to rest your aching arms and legs after a fruitful haul at Jalan Alor’s famous night market district?


The Yard will be a great place to conclude a long night of mural-hunting.


Best part is, the back alley that leads up to the boutique hotel has been given a beautiful makeover too.


The 2-star hotel aptly has a picturesque garden yard of its own, and spacious rooms for you and your travel companions to sleep in utmost comfort.



A regular room for 2 adults starts at $24/night, and includes free WiFi. Children under 12 years old stay for free, but breakfast is not included.

Let the mural hunt begin

Vibrant street murals have been hidden in plain sight in 7 back lanes in Bukit Bintang at in these spaces:

  • Jalan Alor
  • Jalan Berangan
  • Jalan Changkat
  • Jalan Rembia
  • Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin

You can simply Google the locations, or make like Dora the Explorer and plot your own adventurous course with your fellow travellers. That way, you can stumble upon each artwork at your own pace.

We’ve also sourced each picture to the exact location on Google Maps so happy hunting!

Putting kampung and spirit together

Bukit Bintang has come a long way from its chequered history of being known as a decrepit slum for drug addicts and petty thieves.


The transformation work continues, as walkways are repaved, drainage is upgraded, and light fixtures relocated within Jalan Alor.

We’re glad that these communal spaces have successfully undergone an incredible transformation in under a year.


So as you’re posting snaps for your Instastories, do remember to spread the meaningful story of how this place came to be.

Featured image from Eddy Lim on Google Maps.

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