Bukit Panjang Pasar Malam Has Flaming Brown Sugar Bubble Tea & Bangkok Lok Lok Till 5 May

Bukit Panjang Pasar Malam Has Flaming BBT & Grilled Taiwan King Mushrooms

Seeing a pasar malam tent in sight is sure to bring about joy and excitement in all Singaporeans regardless of age, as that often means getting to splurge on cheap and good food.

Bukit Panjang is having a food fair offering hipster food such as Bangkok lok lok, brown sugar bubble tea and grilled Taiwanese king mushrooms till Sunday (5 May).


Bangkok Lok Lok & Taiwanese Grilled Mushrooms

Food fair-goers can look forward to cuisines from many different countries.

BKK street food enthusiasts, feast on these Bangkok Lok Lok which is just going for $0.80 a stick.


The appearance of the next stall may seem unassuming, but it is actually reminiscent of the King mushroom stalls in Taiwanese night markets that usually see long snaking queues.

If you give this stall a miss simply due to its simplistic B&W design, your stomach shall not forgive you for missing out on this delicacy.


Looking for a change to the usual goreng pisang, or fried banana, that you’ve seen at many pasar malams?

They even have Indonesian-styled pisang keju, which literally translates to banana cheese.


Those who wish they could jet-set to Tokyo all the time will enjoy the Japanese Takoyaki and salmon pizzas.


The following stall offers Thai-style rice and noodles, and also allows you to complete your meal with desserts like Thai sticky mango rice.


Halal ‘Flaming Bubble Tea’

Food fairs are never complete without drinks stalls to beat the sweltering outdoors heat and to save yourself from feeling jelak after all the food.

Thankfully, there are various beverage stalls for you to quench your thirst.

Die-hard bubble tea fans are sure to be ecstatic upon knowing they are able to try out yet another brown sugar bubble tea available at the food fair.


But if you’re feeling atas on a budget, get bird’s nest drinks from this stall instead.

They even have bottled ones in case you love the beverage so much and want to dabao some home for your loved ones.


Otherwise, go for some freshly squeezed sugarcane juice at this stall — you can never go wrong with the all-too-familiar drink that is every Singaporean’s favourite refreshing beverage.


Old-school local snacks

With a wide array of delicacies, Singaporeans are sure to find all kinds of old-school snacks to suit their palettes.

Expect stalls selling snacks such as kueh tutu, a nostalgic staple at many pasar malams. If you find yourself thinking too long about which flavour to get, not to fret as you can try out 5 different flavours in a set.


You can also consider the freshly grilled otah from this brand, coming in savoury flavours such as chicken rendang, prawn and scallop.


Those who love indulging in a good Ramly burger across the Causeway can also get it right here at the fair. You’re sure not to miss this stall, given its relatively large size and distinctive yellow signages.


Munching on a nice warm sweet potato ball is the ultimate comfort food, but do try eating as quickly as possible so your faster siblings won’t end up taking all of it.


If you’re in a hipster mood, consider getting some churros which is a typical carnival snack that you usually don’t get to see at our conventional pasar malams.

We recommend sharing these with your friends and family so that you all get to try multiple flavours without having to overload your tummies.


Between Hillion Mall & Bukit Panjang MRT

The food fair can be easily located at the open space between Hillion Mall and Bukit Panjang MRT Station.

If you’re feeling FOMO from missing Singapore’s Shilin Night Market due to the insane queues, the Bukit Panjang Food Fair might just make up for that.

Location: Opposite Hillion Mall
Hillion Mall, 17 Petir Rd, Singapore 678278
Date: 22 Apr-5 May 2019
Time: 11am-11pm

Entry is free, so jio your family and friends for a day of feasting!

Featured image from Singapore Night Bazaar on Facebook and Facebook.

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