Burger King’s New Garlic Burgers Pack A Punch, Don’t Forget To Brush Your Teeth

Burger King’s New Garlic Burgers Pack A Punch, Don’t Forget To Brush Your Teeth

Burger King Debuts New Umami-Filled Garlic Burgers

Garlic lovers (and those needing to repel vampires for some reason), this is for you.

For a limited time only, Burger King is offering a brand-new menu with garlic burgers, garlic drumlets, garlic fries, and even a garlic dipping sauce for your nuggets.

Headlining the launch is this (c)lovely pair, the Gourmet Garlic Chicken King Burger and the Gourmet Garlic Angus Beef Burger, which are set to blaze your tastebuds away with all the garlic you could ever ask for.

burger king garlic

If you’ve got any upcoming dates planned, you might want to steer clear of this ‘destroyer-of-kisses’ menu – or at least, remember to brush your teeth super thoroughly before heading out to meet bae.

Choose from Angus Beef or spicy chicken

Nestled between two corn-dusted sourdough buns, Burger King’s Gourmet Garlic Chicken King Burger features the beloved Chicken King Patty from its Spicy Chicken King counterpart.

What sets the latest version apart, however, are the copious amounts of decadent and gooey garlic sauce that’ll greet every bite.

burger king garlic

This is a theme that follows the rest of the items in the new menu. Slathered generously over the crispy patty, the combination makes for a dose of umami heaven.

Once you sink your teeth into the tender patty, the spicy juices will coat your tongue before the wave of garlic hits the back of your throat. If you enjoy intense flavours, this will be right up your alley.

Also ruling the menu is a beefy king sitting on its garlic throne, the Gourmet Garlic Angus Beef Burger.

burger king garlic

Like its chicken counterpart, the beef burger is served between two corn-dusted sourdough buns and boasts the same umami-filled garlic sauce that accentuates the juicy, flame-grilled Angus Beef patty.

And yes, those petal-shaped chunks inside are sliced-up garlic chips.

burger king garlic

Burger King is generous with these chips as well, which means you’re pretty much guaranteed to get at least one with every mouthful.

Gooey garlic sauce goes with everything

The gooey garlic sauce and crunchy garlic chips continue to feature prominently in Burger King’s new menu.

The tantalising allure of fries just got even harder to resist, no thanks to the Garlic Fries.

burger king garlic

Buried in a blanket of thick garlic sauce and garlic chips, the only bad thing about this combination is that it will eventually have to come to an end.

Lightly but perfectly spiced, the Garlic Mexican Drumlets marry the tasty seasoning with garlic sauce and garlic chips (yes, there’s more of them).

burger king garlic

If you’re more of a nuggets person, you can now enjoy Burger King’s famed BK Nuggets dipped in Garlic Sauce, which adds an indulgent new flavour profile to a classic favourite.

Just don’t forget to leave some for others if you’re sharing. Or not.

Last but not least, this promotion also sees the return of the Banana Pie, another fan favourite.

A crispy pastry pocket is filled with a thick and almost gelatinous custard-like filling. If you’ve ever had smashed banana fritters, they taste exactly like that but packaged in a familiar dessert shape.

Garlic-filled Burger King menu available for limited time only

Burger King’s latest garlic offerings are only available while stocks last, so if you plan on grabbing a guilty pleasure garlic bite, do head down ASAP after checking for your nearest outlet here.

Alternatively, you can opt for online delivery here if you’re pressed for time (or feeling too exhausted from shooing vampires away).

For your easy reference, here are the prices of all the items on Burger King’s Gourmet Garlic menu in stores:

  • Gourmet Garlic Chicken King Burger Value Meal – S$9.90 (includes Coke and fries)
  • Gourmet Garlic Angus Beef Burger Upsized Meal – S$9.90 (includes Coke and fries)
  • Garlic Fries – S$3.50
  • Garlic Mexican Drumlets – S$5.95
  • BK Nuggets (6 pieces) with Garlic Sauce – S$3.50
  • Banana Pie – S$2

Turning garlic, an incredibly versatile ingredient, into a full-fledged menu is no mean feat, but it’s one that Burger King has managed to achieve with great finesse.

If you haven’t already, drop them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to keep up to date with the latest limited-edition food items.

Spice up your life with some garlicky goodness

Deliciousness aside, research has shown that garlic can offer some pretty impressive health benefits, such as protecting against illnesses and lowering the risk of diseases.

Now that certainly sounds like a good reason to feast on it, especially when it makes dishes so yummy and umami-filled.

Just don’t forget to use some powerful mouthwash before heading to an important meeting… or inviting your chronically nocturnal and porcelain-skinned friends over for mahjong night.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Burger King.

Featured image by MS News. Photography by Brad Lee.

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