Bus Reportedly Runs Over Woman’s Foot On Beach Road, She’s Heard Screaming In Pain

Woman Reportedly Screamed That She Doesn’t Want To Live After Bus Runs Over Her Foot

Warning: Some readers may find photos and descriptions in this article graphic. Discretion is advised.

Road accidents that involve casualties invariably mean that victims will suffer excruciating injuries.

This was unfortunately true for a woman when a bus reportedly ran over her foot on Beach Road.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

The injury was so serious it left her screaming in pain on the road, according to witnesses.

Incident at Beach Road traffic junction

The incident took place on Thursday (30 Mar) night at the junction of Beach Road and Jalan Sultan, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Source: Google Maps

An eyewitness named only as Wenfu (transliterated from Mandarin), a photographer, said he was about to cross the road in front of The Concourse at about 9pm when he heard screams from the opposite side.

After he rushed over, he found that the victim was an elderly woman.

Bus runs over woman’s foot & allegedly moves off

Wenfu said that he encountered a horrific sight — the skin on the woman’s right foot had torn off, with blood everywhere.

The injury was so serious because a tour bus allegedly moved slightly after running over her foot, tearing the victim’s skin off, he added.

As passers-by tried to comfort her, she sat on the road wailing, “I don’t want to live any more!”

A staff member of a nearby restaurant, Mr Hu (transliterated from Mandarin), told Shin Min that he saw people banging on the bus door and shouting as the distraught woman sat on the ground.

The 30-year-old added that the bus driver got down to take a look before returning to his seat to move the bus, as the wheel was believed to be on her foot.

He was of the opinion that the victim was bleeding profusely because the impact had shattered her foot.

Many people helped to call the police and ambulance, he believed.

Woman’s husband rushes to the scene

The woman’s husband was also notified of the accident, Wenfu said.

As she was in too much pain, he had to explain what had happened over the phone.

The husband, who was working nearby, rushed over within minutes and comforted his wife before accompanying her to the hospital.

There was apparently a pool of blood on the road. The bus also remained at the scene, next to the victim’s umbrella and a can of soft drink.

69-year-old victim owns a restaurant

The police received an alert regarding the incident at about 9.05pm on 30 Mar, they said in response to queries from Shin Min.

A 69-year-old female pedestrian was sent to the hospital in a conscious state, they said.

The victim is apparently the owner of a Japanese restaurant.

41-year-old bus driver arrested

The police have arrested the bus driver, a 41-year-old man, on suspicion of negligent driving causing hurt.

He was taken away at about 11pm after the police concluded their investigations at the scene.

He allegedly said that he was heading to a hotel to pick up passengers and wasn’t familiar with the area.

It was drizzling at the time, and he didn’t see the pedestrian as he was turning after the traffic light turned green, he added.

Only when he heard people banging on the door did he realise somebody had been hurt, he maintained.

MS News wishes the woman a speedy recovery from her injuries.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Google Maps.

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