Man Installs Bus Stop Buzzer As Doorbell For HDB Flat, Documents Building Process On TikTok

Man Installs Bus Stop Buzzer As Doorbell, Goes Viral On TikTok

Pressing the buzzer right before our stop is a frequent feature of our daily journey on the bus.

While it’s a pretty mundane thing for most, one man apparently liked it so much that he wanted to recreate the experience at home.

In a series of videos, he documented the process of building the buzzer as a doorbell for his HDB flat from scratch.


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He finally pulled it off at the start of this year, earning the praise of viewers.

Man installs bus stop buzzer as doorbell

Back in Oct 2022, the OP explained that he managed to get his hands on a bus stop buzzer and two signs from a friend.

Source: TikTok

He then got to work connecting the wires to his house, taping them in place.

In the video, the wires wind up a wall and over a ladder, looking very complicated indeed.

Source: TikTok

After the wiring was done, the man hung up the signs in a corner of his living room and tested the bell.

With each press came the corresponding double beeps and “bus stopping” flashing on the signs.

Source: TikTok

In a follow-up video, he explained that the “door closing” sign will pop up after one minute and 45 seconds, with two chimes to signal it.

The OP had attached a button to silence these chimes as well.

Source: TikTok

However, the setup didn’t feel complete without the actual red and yellow bus stop buzzer.

Fashioning the original metal rod that had come with it into a sleek, black handle, the OP had it attached right outside his door.

Finally, it was ready on 8 Jan and the OP proudly showed it off in a video.

Source: TikTok

Viewers in awe of complicated set-up

The latest video about the buzzer has since gone viral, with many expressing their awe over it.

Netizens appreciated the complicated yet effective nature of the setup.

Source: TikTok

Certainly, the effort he’d put into making the system work efficiently is deserving of praise.

Some even requested for him to try fitting the EZ-Link card reader beside the buzzer.

Source: TikTok

While he’s not given any update as to whether he might actually do so, he did seem to like the suggestion.

Of course, there were those who also warned him that he might experience quite a few disturbances from “passengers”.

Source: TikTok

MS News has reached out to the OP for more information and will update this article when he gets back.

An impressive system worthy of praise

While it may seem simple, a lot of effort clearly went into making the OP’s doorbell system seem seamless.

As such, kudos to him for having managed to pull off such an impressive feat.

Such a quirky system is definitely rare in Singapore, but it does go to show that the innovative spirit does exist in our country.

Perhaps, more people will feel encouraged to put their own unique finishing touches to their doorbells. Although, it would be wise to refrain from raiding any buses to do so.

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