Canberra Plaza FairPrice Has A Hot Deli & 1-For-1 Snacks, Go-To Grocery Spot For BTO Families

Canberra Plaza FairPrice Opens On 18 Dec With 1-For-1 Snacks & Ice Cream

Nestled between Kampung Sembawang and the ever-famous Yishun, Canberra may be a newcomer to the BTO game but it’s definitely a coveted spot for those who’ve grown to love heartland living.

Of course, a house is not a home without a dedicated shopping centre & grocery store.

Canberra Plaza FairPrice looks to fill the shoes – and bellies – of its residents with tantalising opening day offers.

From a fresh fish bed counter, hot deli, to an immaculate new 10,546ft premise that allows for self-checkout via your phone, here’s a glimpse at what stepping into a FairPrice of the future will look like.

Hot deli, fresh fish bed & artisan Swiss Bake bread display

Besides agonising over the best trolley you can equip for $1, the best part about strolling into a grocery store is the wide, spacious aisle shelves brimming with endless possibilities.

The hot deli is also stocked with decadent ready-roasted proteins to add to your salads or dinners.

Gordon Honey Baby Back Ribs – $19.90 (UP: $25.80)

Think honey roasted baby back ribs, charred pork belly, or knuckles, for starters.

Gordon Smoked Duck Breast – $4.20 (UP: $4.95)

If you’re a self-proclaimed pescatarian – and seafood is more your scene – head straight for the icy bed of fresh fish on display.

To get the perfect fillet, skillful knife work is required. Rest assured that your pomfret of choice will be in the trusty hands of staff who will clean, cut, and portion your hauls in front of you.

The inviting smell of freshly baked artisan bread from Swiss Bake may catch you unawares — from baguettes to mixed herb focaccia buns.

Image courtesy of FairPrice

Image courtesy of FairPrice

A welcome addition to any breakfast table.

1-for-1 deals on potato & tortilla chips

A late-afternoon indulgence is definitely a good perk-me-up in the middle of a stressful Work-From-Home (WFH) shift.

Nothing quite hits the spot like a good ol’ pack of salted potato chips.

Thins Potato Chips 175g Assorted Flavours – $3.85 /2 packs (UP: $4.10/pack)

To stock up on your WFH pantry for 2021, however, you’ll definitely want to use these 1-for-1 deals to snag an extra packet for Netflix & chill night with bae.

Besides regular chips, there’s toasted corn-based Tortillas too — best served with a cold, chunky tomato salsa dip.

Tastilo Nacho Chips Assorted 60g

Instant udon, mala abalone noodles & tteokbokki

K-dramas have long extolled the snacking value of tteokbokki — a beloved street food dish packing a punch with sweet, savoury, and spicy notes all-in-one.

Stirring tteokbokki in a bubbling iron pot constantly may be a pipe dream for those with busy schedules, but here’s an easy fix.

Spicy Tteokbokki with Fish Cake

These microwavable spicy packs of instant Korean rice cakes come with actual sliced fish cake. Yours for under $5, exclusively at Canberra Plaza’s FairPrice outlet.

Nissin Donbei Kitsune Udon Bowl – $2.90/bowl

Ramen remains a constant favourite, but those who favour firmer noodle textures should check out Nissin’s Donbei Kitsune Udon for under $3.

The shoyu-based stock balanced by kelp and bonito flakes, and a dash of negiri – green onions – will add depth to the instant meal & take you back to that nostalgic Kyoto trip.

Fortune Mala Baby Abalone Noodles

Singaporeans can’t seem to get enough of mala-flavoured anything, with our penchant for tahan-ing increasing levels of spiciness.

For a high-SES treat, consider zhnging your WFH lunch with spicy slabs of baby abalone pieces, tossed into a heap of scallop shrimp roe noodles — just like wanton mee, sans the wanton.

Oatmilk S’mores ice cream pints & under $5 Starbucks coffee

When a long day of hustling ends, treating ourselves to Starbucks latte may be tempting. Only, we can’t always afford to head to the actual cafe to grab a cuppa.

Starbucks Instant Lattes – $4.95/box

Have your pick of flavours from Caffe Mochas to Caramel Lattes with these Starbucks instant coffee mixes for under $5. Pro-tip, have a bottle of caramel drizzle in your fridge to do some DIY latte art of your own if you’re feeling fancy.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a metal spoon cutting cleanly through the open rim of a brand new pint of ice cream.

Calli Whey Ice Cream – 2 for $25.90 till 31 Dec

Boasting an array of flavours like White Berry Raspsody & Cookie Monster, Calli’s smooth ice cream is made from whey — an ingredient which is low in calories & high in protein.

This also means you’ll get to indulge in decadent spoonfuls with only ⅓ the calorie count of most other premium brands. Definitely a lighter option for health-conscious dessert connoisseurs.

Kiddo supplies & essentials, fuss-free checkout counters

The countdown to 2021 has officially begun, which means kiddos should be getting ready to go back to school.

3-Piece Stationery Sets – $9.90/set (UP: $19.70-$23.70/set)

To get your children all psyched to pack their bags for their first day of lessons, a spanking new set of stationery and water bottles could do the trick.

These specially curated Disney and Transformers merch come in 3-piece sets, and are only available at Canberra Plaza’s FairPrice outlet.

Checking out a large grocery haul can be a trying affair, with a toddler in hand and a hefty basket in the other.

That’s where technology helps to make this 4-step process a breeze:

  1. FairPrice app check-in via QR code/GPS
  2. Scan item barcodes as you shop
  3. Pack & pay in-app
  4. Scan QR code receipt at Scan & Go kiosk

Instead of regular POS scanners & counters, the ‘Scan & Go’ check out method lets you use your phone to pay for your groceries directly via contactless payment to skip the queues.

Go-to grocery store at new heartland mall Canberra Plaza

If the fam’s keen on making a grocery pilgrimage down, do note that HDB parking is available, but subject to regular charges.

Here are the full deets on how to get there.

Canberra Plaza FairPrice
Address: 133 Canberra View, #B1-03/04 Canberra Plaza, Singapore 750133
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 8am-11pm
Nearest MRT: Canberra Station
Bus Services: 117, 169, 883

Since this FairPrice outlet is centred between Sembawang and Yishun, it could be a wise choice for residents of either districts, to make a quick pit stop on the way home to stock up on essentials.

$2.50 off coupon (min. $30 spend)
$5 off coupon (min. $50 spend)

Savvy shoppers will know the value of stashing discount coupons, so make sure you remember to bring these along to shave a few dollars off the final bill.

Uncharted shopping territory in Canberra heartlands

Those living in the North may already be privy to what Canberra’s new slate of BTO flats & amenities have to offer.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from 2020, it’s that Singapore – though tiny – has tons of unexplored places left for us to discover.

Since we’ll probably not be able to fly to Canberra, Australia any time soon, a grocery trip with the fam could be a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Adventure may be out there, but sometimes it’s also right at home with our loved ones.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with FairPrice.

Featured image by MS News. Photography by Clement Sim.

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