Cases Of Car Scratching Reported At Braddell View, Allegedly Over Parking Lot Dispute

Braddell View Resident Allegedly Involved In Estate Car Scratching Cases

Carparks are for all residents to use, as long as they have the right permissions. But an alleged dispute over parking lots has resulted in vandalism.

An MS News reader informed us of cases involving vehicle vandalism at the Braddell View condominium estate.

His car was a target of what appears to be a serial vandaliser.

Apparently, condo management have received several reports about the issue since last year.

Braddell View resident seen scratching car with key

One of the incidents took place on Sunday (10 Jan) at around 7.51pm.

Videos and images that the resident – who wished to be known only as Raymond – shared show a man appearing in front of the car.

Image courtesy of Raymond

In his hand was the car vandal’s weapon of choice — a set of keys.

There didn’t seem to be much hesitation on the part of the perpetrator as he walked towards Raymond’s car.

Image courtesy of Raymond

An audible scratching sound can be heard as the perpetrator appeared to rake his keys over the car’s surface.

Within seconds, the perpetrator had completed his ‘job’ and walked away from the camera’s view and the car.

Image courtesy of Raymond

The act left a visible scratch on Raymond’s car.

Image courtesy of Raymond

Not the first case of vehicle vandalism

Soon after, condo management pasted notices around the estate regarding the vehicle vandalism cases.

One notice dated 28 Jan was shared with MS News, detailing a case that took place on 14 Dec.

Raymond confirmed that these other incidents also included someone scratching others’ cars.

Image courtesy of Raymond

They warned that vehicle vandalism is a crime and can be punished with a fine not over $2,000 or 3 years’ jail.

Condo management also urged residents to report suspicious activity to security and the management office.

Perpetrator allegedly feels “entitled” to parking lots

According to Raymond, the alleged perpetrator is someone who stays at one of the blocks.

Apparently, the dispute arose due to an entitlement to certain parking lots, because some residents have stayed there longer and so feel entitled to these lots.

However, Raymond said that condo parking lots are first come first serve for residents.

He’d just moved into the estate late last year, so initially wasn’t aware of such “practices”.

However, after talking to the security guard, Raymond found out that what happened to him wasn’t an isolated case, and that this has been going on for a while at Braddell View.

Police report made

Raymond has made a police report regarding the case, and they’re currently investigating.

However, as this appears to be a serial offender, the issue seems worthy of attention.

Vandalising other cars isn’t okay, no matter the reason. The fact that this trend has apparently been going on for a while is also cause for concern.

MS News has reached out to condo management for more information.

We hope that the police are able to get to the bottom of investigations and that the vandalism cases cease.

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Featured image courtesy of Raymond.

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