Receive Your Remaining Care & Support Package Via PayNow, Bank Transfer Or Cheque From 18 Jun

After receiving the first $300 of the Care and Support Package in April, many Singaporeans wonder when the next payout will be.

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat clarified on Facebook today (4 Jun) that cash payments will be made via PayNow from as early as 18 Jun.


Other avenues are available, but the payout will likely arrive at a later date.

Up to $600 cash via PayNow, bank transfer or cheque

According to a Ministry of Finance (MOF) press release, adult Singaporeans aged 21 and above this year will either get $300 or $600, depending on assessable income.

You can check if you qualify in the table below:


If you do, there are 3 ways you can receive the money, and the dates from which you can expect to get it are:

  • PayNow – 18 Jun
  • Direct bank transfer – 25 Jun
  • Cheque – 30 Jun-9 Jul

To get the money via PayNow, make sure you’ve registered your NRIC with your respective banks by 11 Jun. You can contact them directly if you need assistance.

Bank transfer will proceed the same way it did for the Solidarity Payment in April. However, if you’ve changed your details recently, do update them on the Budget website here by 17 Jun.

Continued financial support for citizens

This payment is only a step along the way in a series of financial aids from the government to tide Singaporeans through the Covid-19 period and beyond.

We’re sure all Singaporeans appreciate the help, as every dollar counts.

Make sure to check on your loved ones, especially those who may not be aware about the different methods of receiving the payout.

Featured image adapted from DBS.