Cashbox Jurong Point Staff Gets Covid-19, Disinfection Of Outlet Currently In Progress

As the number of Covid-19 cases keep on rising in Singapore, it seems that nowhere is safe from the virus.

Jurong Point is the latest to fall victim after a CashBox employee tested positive for Covid-19 recently.


One of the 14 new cases MOH reported yesterday (15 Mar), all outlet and mall staff who had close contact with the patient now have to stay at home.

Staff tested positive on 15 Mar, was last working on 13 Mar

In a Facebook post on Monday (16 Mar), Jurong Point shopping centre informed shoppers that a staff at CashBox had tested positive for Covid-19 the day before:


The employee in question was likely Case 215, who reported symptoms 3 days after returning from Thailand. You can read more about the 65-year-old’s case here.

According to Jurong Point, the staff last worked at the outlet on Friday (13 Mar), the same day he started noticing symptoms.

He consulted a GP that day before being referred to Singapore General Hospital (SGH). Covid-19 test results came out positive on 14 Mar.

CashBox Jurong Point & nearby areas undergo disinfection

When the mall found out about the infection, it immediately closed the first floor unit, and engaged a cleaning company to disinfect it.


Besides the affected unit, all common areas and even the toilets nearby were disinfected.


All the staff at the outlet as well as other staff in the mall who have interacted with the patient have all been made to stay at home for 14 days.

How long the closure will last is unclear, as Jurong Point merely states that,

It will reopen only when all necessary health and safety measures are completed and staff who have not had any contact with the affected employee are redeployed to this outlet.

Kudos for the quick action

We do appreciate the quick action taken by Jurong Point to minimise the spread of Covid-19 among mall users and staff.

Hopefully, their quick actions will help ensure all mall employees’ and visitors’ safety.

If you have visited the Cashbox outlet in Jurong Point lately, you may want to monitor your health for the time being, and practise good personal hygiene.

Featured image adapted from and Facebook.