Thai Cat Topples 2,434-Piece Doraemon Figurine, But He’s Too Adorable To Get Mad At

Owner Takes 1 Week To Put Doraemon Figurine Together, Cat Breaks It In A Flash

Pets can be a tad too mischievous sometimes. It usually results in a minor inconvenience for the owners, like this playful cat that got itself locked in a neighbour’s car. This man in Thailand ended up with something that’s more troublesome.

His cat broke a Doraemon figurine that he had been building for a week using 2,434 Lego pieces. Perhaps the cat felt threatened by Doraemon However, with just one look from his cat, no one can really hold their anger for long.


The owner’s Facebook post has gone viral with 70,000 shares.

Doraemon figurine broken by cat was due by New Year

The owner, who works at a toy shop, took a week to painstakingly build the Doraemon figurine piece by piece. To make matters worse, the customer wanted it by the new year.


By then, the owner was left with only 4 days to rebuild everything else.

Catches culprit immediately

The adorable culprit was found at the scene of the crime, lying amongst the ruins of Doraemon.


The owner swiftly nabbed the culprit but the feline seemed indignant that it was caught so fast.


It seems that all was soon forgiven, as a Thai news outlet shared pictures of the cat sleeping snugly in its owner’s lap. In the background of the picture, the owner can be seen rebuilding his assignment.


Cat already forgiven

The owner updated his Facebook, saying that “the lion is safe” despite his initial joke that he’ll “kill him”. With a cat as cute as that, we won’t be able to bear a grudge for so long too.

Hopefully, the owner managed to hand the Doraemon figurine to the customer in time for the new year.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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