NOVELA Beauty Fair Has Up To 80% Off Chanel, Dior & SK-II Products Till...

There's lots in store for beauty junkies out there.

MH370 Plane Disappearance Mystery May Have Been Finally Solved Once And For All

One flight simulator path matched MH370's

New ERP System Will Charge Drivers By Distance Travelled

No more scrambling for your cash card before an ERP gantry.

Taiwanese Man Gets Diabetes After Drinking Super Sweet Coffee For 730 Days To Woo...

Should've gone for kopi C kosong instead.

NDP 2019 Funpacks Are Estimated To Save 1.75 Million Pieces Of Plastic Compared To...

Stuffing our funpacks with eco-friendliness.

BTS Fans Queued Overnight For BT21 x Uniqlo Shirts, Collection Now Available Online

Another entry into Singapore's long, proud history of queuing.

M’sian Man’s Phone Explodes On His Chest After He Leaves It To Charge In...

This is why you shouldn't charge your phone in bed, folks.



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