Someone Made A Cardboard Home For Community Cat To Keep Warm, Earns Praise From...

Congrats to the cat for being a new homeowner.

Woman Abandons 4 Cats At Marsiling In Fear Of Covid-19 Spreading Through Them, Fined...

Pets are unlikely to transmit Covid-19 to humans.

Family Of 1-Year-Old With Spinal Condition Donates To Needy, Thanks Those Who Let Them...

They'll begin the donations after they're done with refunds.

Injured Cat Found At Canberra Road Needs Leg Amputation, SPCA In Search Of Its...

SPCA wants to disclose further info to the owner.

Man Captures Friendly Uncle At Meridian LRT 3 Years Apart, Shares Struggles Of Aged...

He noticed the uncle's hair has turned greyer.

Elderly Couple Rests Their Heads Together On The Bus, Netizens Moved By Heartwarming Scene

Other netizens also spotted such heartwarming scenes.

ComfortDelGro Taxi Driver Returns Lost Phone After Making Detour, Declines To Accept $50 Reward

He also declined to accept a lower sum as payment.

Queenstown BTO Tower Residents Queued For Lifts On NYE, RC Will Take Action To...

The drawback of living in a high tower with public gardens.


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