Halal Changi Eatery Lets You Dine Outdoors & Order Food From Various Stalls

Since leisure travels have been suspended for what seems like forever, our wanderlust is probably at an all-time high.

Those who miss your short Johor Bahru (JB) or Kuala Lumpur (KL) trips can relive a part of it at this halal Changi eatery, which lets you dine in a food truck park setting.


With a wide variety of dishes from different stalls, the little slice of food heaven offers a brief escape from city life.

Changi eatery looks like a Malaysian food truck park

Previously in Sembawang, halal restaurant D.U.I.T. SG opened an outlet in Changi in 2020, with an al fresco dining concept.

Tents set up with fairy lights are reminiscent of food truck parks in Malaysia, where we’d lepak with friends and family on holiday.


Like those places, D.U.I.T. SG lets customers order from a vast menu, ranging from Asian to Western fare.

From satay to burgers and even takoyaki, you could spend a while just figuring out what to eat.

Wide variety of BBQ food fresh off the grill

Like the open air concept of East Coast Lagoon Food Village, D.U.I.T. SG’s setting is perfect for outdoor grills, which means tonnes of deliciously smoked food.

Customers should go for their popular ikan bakar or BBQ fish, served fresh off the grill.

You can select from different types of seafood like stingray, crab and squid, and indicate your preference for the preparation style. Having them with some sambal will give just the kick you need in your meal.

Non-seafood fans can try the satay instead, which they’ll grill promptly after you place your order.


Nothing says al fresco more than some succulent, skewered meat cooked over charcoal. Bring on the bowls of peanut sauce, and you’ll be in for a feast.

If dining at a place like this is more of a communal affair, you can treat the fam to some shell out, so everyone can have a pick at their favourite seafood drenched in flavourful sauces.


Pasar malam fare for those who miss night markets

The last pasar malam we’ve been to felt like eons ago now, what with Covid-19 safe management measures in place.

But your cravings for night market food like Ramly burger and takoyaki need not go unsatisfied, as you can find them here at D.U.I.T. SG.


Aside from the main restaurant, individual stalls housed under their own tents sell popular street food we occasionally indulge in at the pop-up markets.

Customers with a sweet tooth can get some apam balik or Indonesian-style martabak manis to complement their savoury mains.


Sweet fillings like chocolate, kaya and the old school peanut and corn combo make the ideal desserts to round off your meal. They even have special red velvet and onde-onde flavoured pancakes for the more adventurous foodies.

Open till late daily

We know you’re probably salivating by now, so we won’t hold back on the deets:

27 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499549
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm daily
Nearest MRT: Simei Station

Since the location is pretty tucked away, we’d suggest planning your journey in advance, so you can navigate your way there.

There may also be a rush of diners at certain hours, so make your reservations by calling the number 9027 0553.

For a look at their restaurant menu, you may visit D.U.I.T. SG’s website here.

Treat your fam to a feast in a lovely atmosphere this upcoming long weekend, and have a wonderful time together.

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