Foodpanda Chicken Rice Order Arrives Without Meat, S’porean Gets Refund For Missing Item

Foodpanda Chicken Rice Mishap Due To Customer’s Choice To Remove Item If Unavailable

These days, many of us use food delivery services like Foodpanda to satisfy our cravings.

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Considering the influx of orders lately, a few hiccups in the process come as no surprise.

On Monday (8 Mar), a man shared about his experience ordering chicken rice via Foodpanda, which was delivered without the chicken.

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In the post, the man claimed that Foodpanda refused to refund him if he cancelled the order.

In response to queries from MS News, Foodpanda clarified that the incident was a misunderstanding, and that they have refunded the man for the chicken he didn’t receive.

Foodpanda delivers chicken rice without chicken

On Monday (8 Mar), a man checked on his chicken rice order on Foodpanda only to find that the roasted chicken had been cancelled as it was sold out.


Confused as to why the platform would cancel the main dish and deliver the others, he sought help from Foodpanda’s support centre.


Refund not possible if order is cancelled

The man tried to reason that since the chicken was not available, the whole order should be cancelled as it was part of the main dish.

But the support staff apparently replied that the restaurant was already preparing the rice and vegetables.


The man stood his ground, insisting that the order should be cancelled.

Foodpanda then informed him that they could cancel the order, but not refund him for it.

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When met with the man’s anger, Foodpanda apologised that their best efforts couldn’t resolve the issue.

Customers can select preference beforehand

Speaking to MS News, Foodpanda said that the incident was a misunderstanding. They explained how the app’s interface works, which could prevent future cases like this.

The app lets customers choose what they prefer the platform to do, should their order be unavailable.

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Options include:

  • Removing the specific item
  • Cancelling the entire order
  • Getting a call from the seller/platform

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In this case, the man had selected the first option.

Foodpanda reiterated that they do not cancel orders on behalf of restaurants or customers.

Customers will have to decide in advance how they wish to proceed if their order was unavailable.

The company acknowledged that this has been an unpleasant experience for the man and have since refunded him for the missing chicken.

An unfortunate misunderstanding

This was an unfortunate misunderstanding and the frustration on both the customer’s and Foodpanda’s end is understandable.

It certainly is a lesson for all of us to carefully check the details of our orders in the future.

After all, we wouldn’t want to have to eat our chicken rice without the chicken.

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