Clarke Quay Fight On 19 Dec Turns Violent, 5 Arrested & 3 Sent To Singapore General Hospital

Clarke Quay Fight Causes Large Commotion, 5 Arrested & 3 Sent To Hospital

We are a little more than a week away from the beginning of Phase 3, but accompanying the relatively low number of local Covid-19 cases are an unfortunate rise in the number of fights around Singapore.

Another such incident took place on Saturday (19 Dec) in the Clarke Quay area.


We’re seeing a pattern where disputes break out soon after bars close for the night, as the limit on serving and consuming alcohol in public areas is also 10.30pm.

Several videos of the incident were uploaded on social media.

Police have arrested 5 men who were suspected to be involved in the fight, and another for disorderly behaviour. SCDF says that 3 people were taken to Singapore General Hospital.

Fight breaks out in Clarke Quay on 19 Dec

On Saturday (19 Dec) at around 10.30pm, a fight broke out outside The Central mall in Clarke Quay.

The fight spilled over to the area leading to the underpass towards Boat Quay, and glass bottles appear to have been involved.

Image from YouTube

One of the videos shared on social media began with a great deal of shouting as 2 separate groups appeared to head towards the underpass behind the Riverwalk in Clarke Quay.

An unshirted man is in the thick of the commotion and a woman can be heard screaming. It seemed he was brandishing a weapon of some kind.

More people then joined the fray, jumping down from the railing above.

Image from Facebook

In another portion of the video, it seemed that the fight had spilled over to another area when suddenly, the sound of a glass bottle smashing can be heard.

Image from Facebook

The next moment, it seems someone fell to the ground in the underpass entrance area.

Image from Facebook

Police officers eventually arrived at the scene as well, although the participants appeared agitated and difficult to control.

One of them, a man wearing red, could be heard yelling curses while others tried to hold him back.

Eventually, he appeared to be restrained by officers as he was too agitated.

3 people injured

Meanwhile, a small crowd had gathered around the area leading to the underpass. The bottles had been smashed there.

Image from Facebook

At least 2 people lay injured, being attended to by paramedics and friends.

Bloodstains could be seen lining the walls in the aftermath, possibly indicating a stabbing.

Image from YouTube

A photo taken from the Hardware Zone forums shows police and some onlookers in the area where the incident occurred.

Image from Hardware Zone Forum

Police alerted to incident along Eu Tong Sen Street at 10.40pm

According to TODAY Online, police have arrested 5 men aged between 21 and 40 for their suspected involvement in a case of rioting with a deadly weapon.

The incident had taken place along Eu Tong Sen Street in Clarke Quay.

Police were alerted to a fight at around 10.40pm last night. When they arrived at the scene, the suspects from 2 groups took off immediately.

Several kind Samaritans were seen tending to the people who were injured.

A manhunt is underway for the other suspects involved in the brawl, which broke out between two groups due to a dispute in a nearby restaurant, the police said.

Police arrested 5 men for their suspected involvement in the fight

Subsequently, police arrested a 40-year-old with injuries who was allegedly involved in the fight

Officers from the Central Police Division and Criminal Investigation Department helped to locate the other suspects involved.

Thanks to their swift work, they managed to detain 4 men – aged between 21 and 34 – within 16 hours.

Meanwhile, a 29-year-old was arrested separately at the scene for disorderly behaviour.

3 people sent to Singapore General Hospital

SCDF confirms that they received a call for assistance at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street at 10.45pm on 19 Dec.

They conveyed 3 people to Singapore General Hospital.

We don’t know what exactly is causing these occurrences. However, we do know that such fights go against public order and can endanger innocent people.

We urge members of the public to refrain from getting too close if such incidents occur. Hopefully the injured are okay.

Editor’s note: Source links to the original footage on YouTube and Facebook have been removed at the request of the victims’ family members.

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