M’sian Climber Criticised For Being Ungrateful Towards Nepali Guide Who Saved His Life On Mount Everest

Malaysian Climber Fails To Acknowledge Nepali Guide Who Saved His Life On Mount Everest

Recently, a Nepali guide saved a stranded Malaysian while the latter climbed Mount Everest.

Nepali Guide Carries M’sian Climber For 6 Hours In Mount Everest Rescue, Saves His Life

However, in a recent Instagram post from the climber himself, he failed to acknowledge the guide who rescued him from a horrific death.

Netizens slammed the climber for his disrespect towards the Nepali guide, criticising him for being ungrateful.

The climber has since shared an Instagram post to convey his gratitude to the guide, and others who played a part in saving his life.

He did not express his gratitude towards his rescuer

The Malaysian climber, Ravichandran Tharumalingam, was on his Mount Everest expedition when he was stuck at the mountain’s “death zone”.

Thankfully, Gelje Sherpa — a Nepali guide — came across the climber while guiding a client to the summit.

He carried the climber down to the base on his back for six hours, saving the man from near death.

Amidst his recovery, Ravichandran shared an Instagram post to thank his partners, sponsors and the helicopter rescue team for saving his life.

Source: @ravieverest on Instagram

Strangely enough, there was no mention of Gelje or any of the guides that assisted in his rescue.

Netizens slammed climber for being ungrateful towards Nepali guide

Upon seeing his post, netizens were quick to criticise him for not showing gratitude to his saviour.

Source: @ravieverest on Instagram

Furthermore, many noted that Ravichandran is only receiving attention now because of Gelje’s efforts to rescue him.

Source: @ravieverest on Instagram

Not only that, according to a TikTok video, Ravichandran also blocked Gelje’s Instagram account. The reason, however, is unknown.

Source: @spicysambel_tiktok on TikTok

Climber shares an Instagram post to thank Sherpas who saved him

Responding to the criticism, Ravichandran shared an Instagram post to thank the guides and Gelje for saving his life.

Source: @ravieverest on Instagram

Ravichandran is no longer blocking Gelje’s Instagram account either.

In response to his post, Gelje commented to thank Ravichandran for his words of gratitude. He also hoped that Ravichandran was recovering well.

Source: @ravieverest on Instagram

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Featured image adapted from Reuters and @ravieverest on Instagram.

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