3 CNB Officers Faked Man’s Urine Test At Woodlands Checkpoint, Now Charged With Obstructing Justice

3 CNB officers Charged For Obstruction of Justice

Public officers in Singapore are well-known for protecting law and order. However, in some instances, there are a few who do not uphold their duties.

According to TODAY Online, 3 Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers were charged on Friday (18 Oct) for allegedly being involved in a plan that obstructed the course of justice.


The 3 officers are:

  • Staff Sgt Abdul Rahman Kadir, 43
  • Staff Sgt Mohamed Hafiz Lan, 41
  • Sgt Muhammad Zuhairi Zainuri, 31

Allegedly tampered urine test in Aug 2018

On Thursday (17 Oct), Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) said the 3 CNB officers allegedly tampered with the urine test of one Muang Moe Min on 16 Aug 2018.

Muang was being tested for drugs at the time.

Staff Sgt Hafiz was accused of switching Maung’s urine sample with his own, so he could help Muang pass a urine test at Woodlands Checkpoint.


However, we do not know how Staff Sgt Rahman and Sgt Zuhairi were involved in the incident, as CPIB did not specify this.

In a separate report by The Straits Times, CNB said in a statement that during a “particular drug investigation”, they found possible clues that the 3 officers accused violated their code of conduct.

One they were aware, they quickly referred the case on to CPIB for investigation.

Officers are expected to uphold justice

CPIB stressed that Singapore does not tolerate corruption and that all public officers are expected to “uphold justice at the highest standards of integrity”.


They also noted that they will not hesitate to take action against officers who fail to do so. Those found guilty will be punished by the law.

Officers convicted of obstructing the course of justice can face up to 7 years in prison, a fine or both.

Featured image adapted from TODAY.

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