6 CNY Pet Outfits To Cue Major ‘Awws’ From Your Family During Reunions

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CNY-Themed Outfits For Pets For Your Family Reunions

Many families dress up in cheongsams, hanboks and other traditional outfits for the Lunar New Year — but how do you style your pets?

While we’re ushering the Year of the Pig in, and showing the Year of the Dog out — there’s no stopping many pet owners from dressing up their furry friends for the holidays.

It’s a lot more difficult to order costumes for pets but we’ve recently discovered you can get various costumes from numerous online stores.

Here are the outfits we think will cue the most ‘awws’ from your aunties this CNY.

1. Lion Dance

You’ve probably seen a lot of lion dances during the Chinese New Year.

$18.20 on Shopee

For the uninitiated, lions symbolise luck, power, success and nobility. The typical lion dance consists of a long costume about many metres long.

While your pets aren’t lion-sized, they look really cute in these red Chinese lion-themed costumes. Your dogs might even feel as powerful as a fearsome lion — a confidence boost for your smol pupper.


2. Hanbok

Pets can also channel their inner Korean stars through these hanbok-style costumes.

Hanboks are a two-piece outfit made of embroidered cotton and silk – which are worn by Koreans during the Chinese New Year or other special events. You’ll see a lot of these traditional dresses in many historical Kdramas.

$13.70 on Qoo10

The good news is you can get hanboks for pets too – which will look perfect on your poodles.

3. Ang bao neck collars

Pet owners who prefer simple accessories can opt for this ang bao neck collar.

$8.90 on Carousell

Ang baos or red envelopes are usually filled with money and given to friends and family as a symbol of good wishes and luck.

While money won’t be of any value to your pets, you might consider stocking their hongbaos with delicious pet food so they can join in the festivities.

4. Cheongsam

A traditional Chinese costume conjures images of cheongsam or form-fitting dresses worn by women. Men wear them too but it’s known as changpao or “long-gown”.

If your entire household is wearing cheongsams during the New Year, you can get your pets to join in the family fun by getting them their own outfits too!

We highly recommend matching your outfits with your pets.

$22 on LollyPup

5. Cai Shen Ye

This ‘Cai Shen Ye’ or God of Fortune costume will definitely make your uncles and aunties squeal with delight. While your dogs aren’t actual Chinese gods, they do add peace, order and happiness to your household.

The wave and cloud designs are a common emblems in many Chinese garments. Clouds symbolise luck, fortune and fate.

$10.90 on Lazada

We also love the miniature boat-shaped ingots. They’re usually made of silver and gold and signify wealth and prosperity — which would translate to abundant amounts of pet food for your doggo.


6. Emperor and queen gowns

Tang suits feature a straight collar, front-buttoned suits, symmetrical lapels with no stitches in between. They’re usually made of silk to represent the refinement, calm and modesty of the Chinese.

$9.13 on Lazada

A tang suit might make us appear more refined, but it definitely achieves a kawaii effect when worn by our poodles.


Chinese New Year in style?

Chinese New Year is just around the corner so you might as well start preparing your outfits as well as your pets for the holidays.

There are lots of costume options to choose from at Shopee and the cheapest starts at only $5!

BRB, while we start looking at the size charts and getting measurements.

Featured image from Shopee and Lazada.

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