Cockroach Challenge Is Now A Thing & We Can’t Understand Why

Teens Putting Cockroaches On Their Faces For “Cockroach Challenge”

If you thought the #DarylAidenChallenge was funny, you might find the new Cockroach Challenge funny as well.

The new challenge involves you placing a cockroach on your face and taking a photo.

Yes, a live cockroach.


Our question is – why?

Originated from Myanmar

The challenge – as far we know – originates from a Myanmar teen by the name of Alex Aung.

As of Monday (6 May), the post has garnered 18 thousand shares.


While we can definitely do this, we don’t see why anyone would.

Clearly, we were wrong.

Started to trend on social media

Whether it’s people looking for fame or daredevils proving their mettle, more people started to mimic the “Cockroach Challenge”.


As if one cockroach wasn’t bad enough, one legend decided to put 8 cockroaches on her face.


Some netizens find it funny

While most would find this gross, there are others who try to find humour in the ‘shittiest’ places.


One other netizen believes that Thanos was right to wipe out half of every living thing.


Cockroaches are actually cleaner than humans

There is a common misconception that cockroaches are dirty insects.

However, cockroaches are actually clean freaks and would constantly clean themselves.

They are only dirtier due to their environment that they thrive in.

Not recommended for anyone

Even though they constantly clean themselves, placing a cockroach on your face is still not recommended.

Apart from the dirt causing pimples, those scurrying pests may also cause allergic reactions as their “saliva, feces, and shedding body parts” act as allergens.

Unless you want a chance of a getting red and itchy face, putting them on your face may not be the best idea.

Featured image from Facebook.

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