There’s Now A #DarylAidenChallenge Hashtag Full Of Hilarious Photoshops

#DarylAidenChallenge Floods Social Media With Hilariously Photoshopped Pictures

UPDATE: Daryl has apologised for his actions. Read more here.

The Internet sometimes responds to controversy in the most hilarious way. This time, a #hashtag movement has started.

Inspired by popular influencer and photographer Daryl Aiden Yow, Singaporean netizens have busted out their Photoshop skills to join the #DarylAidenChallenge. Here are some of the funniest edits we found.

P.S.  We’ll be updating this article again soon with more pictures!

1. Wakanda Forever

“#OOTD at Wakanda”

An #ootd in Wakanda’s spiritual realm, complete with majestic purple and blue hued skies. Bet you didn’t see this secret scene in Black Panther.

2. Trump, Kim and Me

“Sorry Kim pls dont touch my hand, haram I cannot touch pork.”

Legend has it that there was someone else attending the Trump-Kim Summit.

3. Seasons may change, but beauty remains

“Aiden’t know how Seasons got here.”

This creative entry involves Seasons in a way you’d least expect it. Plus points for the pun in the caption.

4. Hola, amigo!

“Qué estás haciendo güey @darylaiden?”

World Cup fever got you wishing you could visit the home of your favourite team? Fret not, there’s always Photoshop for all you Mexican fans.

Thankfully no Photoshop was needed for that 1-0 World Cup victory over Germany.

5. Geotags are everything

“Location: Photoshop”

You don’t have to bear intolerable wanderlust for delicate cherry blossoms in Japan for days on end anymore.

According to the Geotag, this hilarious picture was taken in the city of Photoshop.

6. Time-travelling to the Himalayas


Scaling the Himalayas has always been a dream of this netizen. Seems like he’s finally made the foothills of the majestic mountain — back in 1978.

7. Doggo goes to Greece


Who said doggos can’t join the challenge? Here’s Daryl himself with an adorable brown poodle peeping out from beautiful bougainvilleas in Greece.

8. Greece lightning


Azure blue skies, crystal clear pools — perfect weather for a stock image Photoshop job.

Now, this pair can live out their relaxing Santorini dreams without paying a cent.

9. Besties with K-pop star

“My Bff of 15 years has finally found some time to catch-up just like the good ol’days”

One K-pop fan managed to spend some quality time with her bestie, Korean songstress IU. Apparently they’ve been BFFs for 15 years.

10. Take me there, Prettipls

“Absolutely stunning”

Comedienne Prettipls outdid everyone with an “Absolutely stunning” portrait in Greece — complete with…. shades. We appreciate the subtlety.

11. Scoot on over


Budget airline Scoot was quick to respond with a hilarious parody, cleverly inviting everyone to experience Athens for real.

12. Make a run for it

“I am running for my #Sony spokesmanship”

We really do hope he’s in the running for a Sony sponsorship.

13. Jurassic Park


Blue the velociraptor from Jurassic Park apparently decided take a day off to sunbathe at Mykonos Island, Greece.

14. Charmander for you?

“Thank you SQ for flying me to Korea and allowing me to catch my first Charmander”

It’s so easy to snag your starter pokemon now.

Simply whip out your iPhone 4X, 10mm and let it transport you to Korea where Charmanders run free.

15. The Blogfather travels

Blogfather Kim Huat decided to put his signature spin on international travel too. Whisking you around the world in 80 seconds in this blogpost, generously peppered with sleekly executed travel shots.

Where do you want to be?

There’s no age limit for this challenge. All you need to have is some skill in photography Photoshop.

Found any other creative edits? Let us know in the comments!

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Featured image from Instagram.

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