M’sia Woman Finds 3 Cockroaches In Soy Sauce Bottle After Pouring Condiment On Her Food

3 Cockroaches Found Soaking In Soy Sauce Bottle

Many Asians like to jazz up their food with various condiments, including soy sauce.

However, a Malaysian woman’s stomach-churning experience might cause some to check before adding soy sauce to their food.

She found not one or two, but three cockroaches inside her bottle of soy sauce.

Source: @laylaazli on TikTok

Unfortunately, this was after she’d poured the soy sauce onto her rice and taken a few bites.

Cockroaches seen nestled in neck of soy sauce bottle

In a viral TikTok video posted on Wednesday (20 Sep), user Laylaazli “showed off” her soy sauce bottle from her home.

Three large cockroaches can be seen nestled in the neck of the bottle, motionless and soaked in sauce.

Source: @laylaazli on TikTok

The video has since racked up more than 1.6 million views and 41,400 likes.

Cockroaches found in soy sauce before it’s poured out a 2nd time

In the caption, Laylaazli wrote in Malay that the soy sauce bottle was nearly empty when she poured it out onto her rice.

However, when she was about to pour the soy sauce a second time, she saw the cockroaches.

By this time, she had already taken a few bites of her rice, she said, panning to show her food mixed with soy sauce and curry.

Source: @laylaazli on TikTok

While she tasted nothing strange, she said she would update netizens 24 hours later.

Netizens mystified & amused

As netizens waited for her update, many were mystified and amused at what happened.

Some wondered how the insects got into the bottle, considering how small the hole was.

Source: @laylaazli on TikTok

Others made jokes, with one saying the cockroach grew from baby to adult in the bottle.

Source: @laylaazli on TikTok

One commenter even quipped that this would be the beginning of a new Marvel movie, the “Cockroach-woman”.

Source: @laylaazli on TikTok

Woman didn’t suffer from food poisoning

In a subsequent TikTok video posted on Thursday (21 Sep), Laylaazli said she remarkably didn’t suffer from stomachache or food poisoning after the incident.

She quipped that it was her first time eating “cockroach soy sauce”, and it left a strong impression on her.

While amused by the tongue-in-cheek comments left by netizens, she advised them to pay closer attention to their soy sauce bottles at home.

Sabah man suffers diarrhoea after finding maggots in soy sauce

Laylaazli may have been one of the lucky ones, though.

A man in Sabah wasn’t so fortunate, as he suffered from stomachache and diarrhoea after consuming soy sauce from a sushi restaurant.

He had found live maggots in his soy sauce bottle after using it on his food.

Maggots Found In Soy Sauce At M’sia Sushi Restaurant, Customer Gets Diarrhoea That Night

Hopefully, Laylaazli will continue to show no ill effects.

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Featured image adapted from @laylaazli on TikTok.

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