Coronavirus Patient Picked Up Grandson From Pat’s Schoolhouse In Kovan

Monday mornings used to be busy in the Kovan branch of Pat’s Schoolhouse.

However, only one student reported to school on Monday, according to The Straits Times (ST), which was a disappointing turnout.


A 71-year-old coronavirus patient reportedly visited the preschool to pick up his grandchild, as revealed on Sunday (9 Feb).

The news probably sent many parents into panic mode, leading them to keep their children at home on Monday (10 Feb).

Coronavirus patient picked up grandson from Kovan preschool

The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed yesterday (9 Feb) that a 71-year-old Singaporean grandfather became the nation’s 41st coronavirus case.

After obtaining a referral from a polyclinic in Hougang, he tested positive for the virus at Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 7 Feb.


MOH revealed that he had visited Pat’s Schoolhouse at Kovan to pick up his grandson before he was admitted to the hospital.

This sparked much worry among parents, resulting in a poor turnout on Monday morning.

Preschool thoroughly disinfected the compound

Fortunately, the preschool management has disinfected the compounds shortly after the news broke, making it now safe to visit.


According to ST, the only parents who brought their kid to school believe that Pat’s Schoolhouse will maintain a “safe and clean environment”.

Following DORSCON orange, temperature taking exercises are conducted thrice a day and schools are implementing more rigorous cleaning procedures.

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Sadly, many parents seem to prefer taking their own precautions by not bringing their children to school at all.

There is, however, no pressing need to do so as schools are following protocols the government has set to ensure the children’s safety.

Parents can rest assured

It is understandable why parents might be in fear that the virus can spread in the Kovan preschool.

However, there is no need to worry as Pat’s Schoolhouse has been stepping up disinfections, even in 15 other centres.


Educators are also teaching students good hygiene practices, so they can understand and learn for themselves.

This reinforces the importance of personal responsibility which we should all take note of.

While there is a level of fear that comes with DORSCON orange, we need to try our best to continue daily life and protect ourselves at the same time.

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