Covid-19 Tests Ramp Up In Phase 2, To Test Those Above 45 With Respiratory Illness

MOH Aims To Test All With Respiratory Infection For Covid-19, Starting With Those Aged Above 45

The Ministry of Health (MOH) will conduct more Covid-19 tests during Phase 2,  including on vulnerable groups.

They said in a statement that those above 45 with respiratory infection will get Covid-19 tests, as they’re considered higher-risk.

More groups will also be tested in the coming weeks.

Testing close contacts and those with respiratory infections

With the economy reopening from 19 Jun onwards, there’ll be more social interaction and hence more chances of virus spread.

Therefore, authorities are ramping up Covid-19 tests.

Close contacts won’t just be quarantined now but also tested even before their quarantine starts. Any positive cases will trigger contact tracing based on where the person has been, and so on.


If you’re above 45 and have symptoms like cough, fever and sore throat, you will likely be tested for Covid-19 when going to see the doctor.

The reason is that this group has a higher risk of developing severe Covid-19 infection, MOH says. Currently, those above 65 years old as well as healthcare workers plus school staff/students above 12 are tested if they have respiratory infection.

However, the long-term aim is to test everyone who develops acute respiratory infection when they see the doctor.

More active Covid-19 testing in Phase 2

There’ll also be more active testing for certain groups. Staff under employ in residential homes as well as preschool staff were screened for Covid-19 before they resumed work.

As such, more regional screening centres will be set up to facilitate increased testing.

Download TraceTogether when Phase 2 starts

If you haven’t already, you might want to use the TraceTogether app once Singapore reopens. This will help authorities with their contact tracing should anyone in the community get infected.

For those without smartphones, they’ll get TraceTogether tokens.

Do stay safe and vigilant, as the virus threat still exists. With increased testing, however, we can more easily isolate those with the virus.

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