S$780 Office Chair Lets You Sit Cross-Legged While You Email Clients Like A Boss

Creative Chair Design Lets You Sit At Office Like You’re Back In Primary School

Those of us who often sit at our desks for long hours know how uncomfortable it is to maintain proper postures through the day.

Hence, most of us wind up in weird seated positions, with some folding our legs on the seats like we’re back in primary school during assembly.

And if you’re one of those who likes sitting in these weird positions, you’d understand the struggle of trying to fit both your legs and butt on the same chair.

Well, good news because there’s now a chair that’s creatively designed for us to kiao kar even while at our desks.

The only downside is that these chairs cost a bomb, but more on that later.

Chair with extra feature to let you kiao kar

The Soul Seat Chair is designed with extra features to rest our shins or calves on.


The extra cushion is strategically placed right below a small seat so you can fold your legs in a variety of positions as you find your most comfortable seated position.


The chairs come in different colours

These chairs come in a variety of colours, including white, black, beige, and blue.


There’s even a limited edition floral design, which is unfortunately sold out at the moment.


If you’re picky, you can even choose to custom order your chair.

If you choose to do so, you can modify the chair’s legs, moulding them to your favoured aesthetic — even if it’s wood.


The pre-made chairs’ prices range from S$779 (USD 575) to S$1,625 (USD 1,200). That’s a crazy amount, considering it’s excluding shipping.

Expensive AF

Because of how unique these chairs are, just one can cost you up to a thousand Singapore dollars. The cheapest chair costs around S$779 (USD 575) but is already sold out.

So the next available one costs about S$1,185 (USD 875). And if you’re feeling broke, you can choose to purchase the chair under their Scheduled Payment Plan.

Under this instalment plan, you can choose to pay over 3, 6 or 12 months, starting from S$98 (USD 73) a month.

Is it worth it?

This chair is freaking costly. But with the chair, you’ll finally get to sit comfortably with your legs up.

But is the comfort worth the money? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Feature images adapted from Facebook and Instagram.

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