Man Spits & Chants “Corona” At Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jailed 2 Months For Making A Scene

Despite our strict laws, Singaporeans still encounter unusual behavior in public pretty frequently. On 3 Mar, a man was arrested at Crowne Plaza Hotel after he spat, broke plates and shouted on the ground floor.


According to a Channel News Asia (CNA) report, he chanted “corona, corona” at the hotel lobby, as disturbed visitors walked past.

He is currently serving a two-month jail term for the commotion he made, with an additional 55 days.

Broke plates at Crowne Plaza restaurant

As reported by CNA, Jasvinder Singh Mehar Singh entered Crowne Plaza’s Azur Restaurant that was closed at the hour.


A waitress went up to Jasvinder after spotting him take food from the buffet counter without permission.

In response, he threw the plate on the ground and questioned the waitress.

CNA quoted Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Sng who said that Jasvidner “spat on the floor and walked out of the restaurant”.

Shouted at Crowne Plaza lobby

Subsequently, the hotel manager was informed of his unruly behaviour and brought him to the lobby.


The 52-year-old sat on the sofa, “placing his hands behind his head and both feet on a table”, reported CNA.

However, Jasvinder’s tantrum did not stop there; in fact, he kicked items off a table and spat on the floor once again.

Simultaneously, he shouted “corona, corona”, causing a big hoo-ha among hotel guests and tourists at the airport hotel.

The police were hence informed and the 52-year-old was arrested on the spot.

Given extra 55 days

According to CNA, Jasvinder had convictions dating back to 2014 prior to this incident, with one as recent as January.

As stated by The Straits Times, he is still under a remission order, meaning that he is not allowed to commit any crime from 28 Feb to 26 Apr.

Though so, he is guilty this time for a rash act endangering the personal safety of others and for public nuisance.

Therefore, he needs to serve 2 months and an additional 55 days for the ruckus he had caused.

Be a responsible citizen

In this Covid-19 period, service staff are exposing themselves to greater risks and also experiencing diminished business.

Therefore, let’s try to be kinder and more considerate individuals towards the people around us.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.