Cyclist Suffers Minor Brain Bleed After Collision With Another Biker At Upp Thomson, Police Investigating

Cyclist Hospitalised After Collision With Another Biker At Upper Thomson Road

A cyclist was hospitalised after another rider collided with him, resulting in a minor brain bleed.

The accident occurred while they were cycling with their groups on Sunday (16 Apr) morning along Upper Thomson Road.

In camera footage captured on the injured man’s bicycle, he appeared to lose his balance and fall after a larger group of cyclists rode up close from behind his group.

cyclist collision Upper Thomson

Source: Facebook

Police were called to the scene afterwards, and investigations are now under way.

Wife of cyclist claims “peloton of crazy cyclists” at Upper Thomson Road caused collision

On Sunday (16 Apr) night, the cyclist’s wife, Serlina Eng shared details of the accident and his injuries via a Facebook post.

cyclist collision Upper Thomson

Source: Facebook

She wrote that a “peloton of crazy cyclists” that “ignored the safety of others” had caused her husband, Andy Oh to crash.

Additionally, she claimed that the group rode away despite purportedly hearing the sounds of the crash and screams from their friends, who were cycling with them.

Madam Eng also expressed her gratitude towards their fellow cyclists who assisted them in the aftermath of the accident.

Alongside photos of Mr Oh in the hospital, she shared that he has a “minor brain bleed”.

On the bright side, they had ruled out hip and elbow fractures.

Speaking to MS News, Madam Eng said her husband’s brain bleed has now stabilised and that he has undergone elbow surgery.

That said, he has yet to be discharged as he still experiences symptoms of head trauma.

He currently awaits assessment by the hospital’s physiotherapist.

Cyclist injured in collision & wife plan to take legal action against rider

In Madam Eng’s post, she also mentioned that the cyclist allegedly responsible for the collision had reached out to her after seeing a friend’s post on the accident.

She told MS News that while he apologised for his actions, they are “not satisfied with his excuses”.

As such, she and Mr Oh plan on taking legal action against him.

She explained that the fact that he nor anyone else in the group had stopped is totally wrong, as they would have heard the crash and the ensuing screams.

On top of that, someone from the group reportedly returned to the scene and asked Madam Eng’s friend what happened after she and Mr Oh left for the hospital, confirming that they were aware of an incident.

Recounting the accident in greater detail, Madam Eng said the biker who allegedly collided with her husband had ridden “very close” to her prior to that.

Said cyclist had also tried to squeeze in between her and another biker riding alongside her.

cyclist collision Upper Thomson

Source: Facebook

She then decided to slow down as she felt a little unsteady, which she believes prevented her from crashing into her husband.

However, she said the cyclist had clipped Mr Oh’s wheel, which caused him to lose control of his bicycle and crash.

Elaborating further, she recalled her husband telling her that the cyclist may have also made physical contact with him as he felt a push.

Biker involved in collision may have ridden in group larger than 10

In camera footage uploaded in Madam Eng’s post, hers and Mr Oh’s group could be seen riding two abreast.


At the 30-second mark of the video, a larger group of bikers emerge from behind while riding at high speed.

Some also appear to have cut into the lane that Madam Eng’s cycling group was in.

While it is unclear if all the cyclists belonged to one group, they were all riding closely to one another.

Per Land Authority Transport (LTA) guidelines, cyclists must keep to a maximum length of five bicycles when riding in groups.

This means a maximum of five cyclists if riding in a single file, or 10 cyclists if riding two abreast.

Cyclists riding in a group are also required to maintain a minimum distance of 30m or two lamp posts from other groups.

MS News wishes Mr Oh a speedy recovery and hopes this incident serves as a reminder for other cyclists to be considerate of others for everyone’s safety.

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