S’pore Cyclist Loses Money Pouch, Kind Rider Finds It & Returns Cash To Him Electronically

Singapore Cyclist Gets Money Back After Losing It During Ride

A Singapore cyclist was out on a solo overnight bike run when he lost his money pouch that he carries for emergencies.

Luckily for him, a kind fellow cyclist picked up the pouch and contacted his wife, whose contact number was inside the bag.

The cyclist even wanted to return the cash, eventually returning it via electronic means.

The grateful OP shared a post of the incident on the SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group, thanking the cyclist for his kindheartedness.

Cyclist loses money pouch while cycling

The OP explained that he was doing a solo overnight bike ride on Friday (19 May).

Source: Facebook

Around 120km into his ride, he went to get a drink from the vending machine at West Camp Road when he realised he lost the plastic bag containing his money.

He said he’d only made a single stop at Punggol Barat Lane previously, for around five to eight minutes.

Therefore, he tried going back there to search for his pouch but couldn’t find it.

“So, I just accept that I have lost the money totally,” he said.

Fellow rider finds & returns money

But to his great surprise, a fellow cyclist had contacted the OP’s wife after finding the plastic bag.

Source: Facebook

The cyclist had discovered the bag along West Camp Road and picked it up.

After a brief WhatsApp conversation between the two, the OP asked if the cyclist could return the money electronically as it would be easier for both parties.

He then did so immediately, something the OP is very thankful for.

“I am so thankful for this brother who took time to contact my wife after he found my plastic bag,” he said, noting that they share the same Christian name, Joseph.

Considering the OP thought he’d lost the plastic bag and money forever, it is certainly a pleasant surprise that a kind man returned the money.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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