This $2 Portable Daiso Mahjong Set Lets You Host Multiple Games When Grandma’s House Is Packed

This Daiso Mahjong Set Is So Portable You Can Play Anywhere This CNY

Many of us get ‘itchy fingers’ whenever CNY approaches. Not just for the coveted angbaos but the feel of cool glass mahjong tiles on a felted green table.


The only trouble is that you can only really play when you have a full table set up.

When all the relatives finally arrive, you may be hard-pressed to find proper space to arrange multiple games for your aunties and uncles.

Thankfully, Daiso has a super cheap $2 ‘Portable Mahjong’ set that allows you and your cousins to join in the fun anywhere.

Portable mahjong Daiso set for $2

Mahjong isn’t a simple game but it’s integral to the CNY experience for most households.

Mastering all the rules and traditions won’t be easy, so before you invest in a proper glass tile set — consider getting this starter pack to learn the ropes first.

4 cardboard placeholders & mini card tiles

Daiso’s box of mahjong card tiles comes with 4 cardboard placeholders and a deck of mini cards. You can set them up anywhere and start a game instantly.

A similar card mahjong game listed on Amazon

Regular rules of the game apply, but instead of laying all the cards messily on the table the instructions advise you to stack them up for a neater experience.

Can’t replace OG mahjong tiles, but it’s a start

But before you head to the storeroom to dust off your trusty mahjong case, check out Daiso’s extremely portable option.

We don’t think these mahjong cards will ever replace your OG sets, but it’s perfect for beginners who just want to get a hang of the game.

Or if there’s simply no space to set up another table, you can squat on the floor and host merry rounds with the cousins over pumpkin seeds & bak kwa.

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