7 Things About Debbie Soon, Besides Her Becoming Mrs JianHao Tan Soon

JianHao Tan’s Proposal To Debbie Soon Goes Viral

One social celebrity proposing with another social media celebrity is always going to be big news.

When Singaporean personality JianHao Tan proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years Debbie Soon, the online community went ham.

His proposal, featuring a gorgeously decorated room, a live band and hundreds of mutual friends, was captured in video and has since amassed close to 1.8 million views.

While many may be less familiar with Ms Soon than with Mr Tan, she boasts an equally mighty following in social media spheres — particularly, a rough 216,000 followers on Instagram.

Here are 7 facts about the this one very lucky and happy girl.


1. Worked as pet groomer

Before living the high life, Ms Soon worked as a humble pet groomer. Either it was her gentle manner of treating Mr Tan’s porcelain white Pomeranian Buncha or her beauty, or maybe a combination of both, that kept the love-smitten Mr Tan going back to her.


2. Bakes dog cakes at the Woof Barkery

Other than combing and cleaning the furry friends of friends, Ms Soon also specialises in baking cakes for dogs.


Whether it’s for the dog’s birthday, first haircut or first pee-in-the-pee-tray anniversary, Ms Soon can probably whip up a cute cake for the occasion.

3. First Insta post with JianHao in 2015

The first inklings of their romance may have began in 2015 when Debbie uploaded a picture of the 2 of them at Zouk Out.


Her arms were around him and she was leaning in close, so maybe those were hints for the YouTuber to make a move.

4. Paid for first date at Singapore Polytechnic

Ms Soon revealed that her first date with Mr Tan was at the canteen of her school then, Singapore Polytechnic. To make the memory more interesting, she had paid for the date because according to Mr Tan’s playful reasoning, “students get discounts”.


5. Confirmed as girlfriend in 2016

In 2016, though Ms Soon and Mr Tan had been going on frequent overseas trips together and shot many videos together, fans were still unclear of their relationship status. Some even thought he was still with his previous girlfriend, Naomi Neo.


Mr Tan therefore decided to set the matter in stone with a YouTube video.

6. Has a 17-year-old Shih Tzu

Yoyo is his name. And at 17 years old, he may just be one of the oldest dogs you’ve heard about. 17 years in dog age, if we’re to follow that weird dog-to-human conversion rate, is roughly 114 years in human age.


Maybe the secret to his longevity lies in those cakes and mooncakes that Ms Soon bakes him.

7. Shares bank account with JianHao Tan

Money is always a sensitive topic. Two people share a bank account and all their money, you can believe that they’d trust each other with the world.


With that amount of trust between Ms Soon and Mr Tan, it’s no wonder they were ready to tie the knot in the epic proposal.

Next up, the wedding

With the proposal having just happened, there’s no saying when the wedding will be held.

Right now, Ms Soon is still probably feeling over the moon. Hopefully, that feeling will last till the wedding. MS News wishes the couple a smooth journey.

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Featured image from Debbie Soon on Instagram.

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