Kind DHL Driver Piggybacks Elderly Man Across Street At Bugis As Traffic Light Turns Green

DHL Driver Helps Elderly Across Road At Waterloo Street

Crossing the busy roads of Singapore can be a nightmare for those with limited mobility, but sometimes unsung heroes step up to offer a helping hand.

On Friday (17 May), a DHL driver allegedly went out of his way to help an elderly man with a walking aid cross the road.

Here is the heartwarming video in full, uploaded by on Facebook.

Elderly man couldn’t cross the road in time

At the start of the video, an elderly man in a yellow shirt can be seen approached by a DHL driver as he was crossing the road along Waterloo Street at about 10.45am.

The DHL driver had allegedly stopped his vehicle to help the elderly man, who was just halfway across the road when the pedestrian light turned red.


The DHL driver then tried to hasten his speed by guiding him across the road with the help of his walking aid.

A black car later cut through the lane, proving how dangerous the journey could otherwise be for the old man.


DHL driver piggybacked elderly

Shortly after, the DHL driver decided to piggyback the elderly across the road instead.

Initially, the DHL driver had difficulties lifting the old man together with his walking aid.


However, he soon managed to get the elderly man onto his back and safely carried him over to the other side of the pedestrian crossing.


Netizens call for DHL to reward him

Unsurprisingly, netizens were full of praise towards the kind DHL driver.

Some called on DHL Singapore to identify and reward the driver for his good deed.


On the other hand, some showed unhappiness at the other drivers who continued driving past the old man.


Finally, this netizen questioned why the driver of the car, whose dashcam filmed the act, didn’t help out as well.


Thumbs up for the good deed

Kudos to the DHL driver — you’ve sure done yourself and your company proud!

Singaporeans can surely learn a thing or two from this DHL driver and come to the aid of older members of our society whenever they are in need of help.

Featured image from on Facebook.

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