Boy Sent Flying By Car At Bukit Merah After Dashing Across Road On Red Light

Boy Hit By Car Along Lower Delta Road Towards AYE

When we were younger, we may have found our parents’ words – be careful when crossing the roads – to be rather cliché.

But the consequences of not following this piece of advice can be very severe. 

On Tuesday (14 May) morning, a boy was hit by a car as he ran across Lower Delta Road in Bukit Merah while the red pedestrian light was on. 

Here is the video of the accident, shared on Singapore traffic group

The post has since gone viral, with over 1,300 shares within 3 hours of posting.

Boy was crossing on the red man

The accident allegedly happened along Lower Delta Road towards Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) on Tuesday (14 May) morning.

At the start of the video, the boy can be seen running across the road despite the red pedestrian light being on.


As he was approaching the other side of the road, an oncoming car rammed into him, sending him flying for a short distance.  


The impact of the hit caused him to be thrown to the floor.


Towards the end of the footage, he was seen sitting up, presumably in a dazed state, on the road.


Netizens advise parents to teach kids road safety rules

Many netizens weighed in on the accident, claiming that the boy should have adhered to traffic rules.

This netizen hoped the boy has learnt his lesson not and will not cross while the pedestrian signal is red again.


Another netizen advised all parents to be more mindful in teaching their kids to follow traffic rules.


Lastly, this netizen points out that the boy was extremely fortunate, as the consequences could have been even more dire.


A lesson for all road users

We hope the boy wasn’t too severely hurt, and that he makes a swift recovery soon.

This accident goes to show that we should always be mindful for our personal safety while on the roads.

In particular, we should never be reckless in crossing the roads even if we’re late for any appointments.

After all, our loved ones are waiting for us to come home.

Featured image from on Facebook.

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