S’pore dog was caged for 5 years till rescued by housing agent, needs new home

Dog was caged for 5 years & left sitting in his own poop

Warning: Some readers may find the photos and descriptions in this article graphic and triggering. Discretion is advised.

A dog in Singapore was kept in appalling conditions by a man who did the minimum, said an animal welfare group.

Restricted to a cage for five years, he was rescued by a housing agent who kindly called them for help.

The pooch now needs a new home with owners who will treat him right.

Housing agent finds dog caged in HDB flat

The shocking case of Archie, a male Pomeranian who was caged for five years, was shared by HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore in a blog post on 20 Feb.

His story came to light when a housing agent visited an HDB flat for a viewing and found Archie sitting behind bars in an enclosure.

The sight was sickening as he was sitting in layers of his own poop in one corner of the flat.

Source: HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore on Facebook

The agent took a photo and sent it to HOPE, asking if they could help.

Dog caged for 5 years lived in his own poop

HOPE found out that Archie’s owner had died and he was passed on to his son.

However, the man also died in his 50s about five years ago.

The dog was thus passed on again, this time to his brother.

While the brother fed the dog every day, he didn’t clean the enclosure — meaning Archie lived in his own poop for five years.

He was smelly & his fur was matted

The man agreed that HOPE could take Archie, and when they arrived he had cleaned the entire flat except his enclosure.

Source: HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore on Facebook

After they took him away from his five-year prison, they found that he was very smelly but still allowed them to pet him.

His fur was also badly matted, and they decided to take him to the vet.

Vet spent 2 hours scrubbing & shaving him

At the vet, the full extent of Archie’s suffering became evident.

His fur was so badly matted that it was peeling off his skin.

They found that his ears were also filled with discharge.

As he wasn’t sterilised, his testicles were hard and swollen and he was in great pain.

The dog was in such bad shape that the vet took two hours to scrub him and shave off his fur.

He also underwent sterilisation surgery.

Group appeals for adopter or help with bills

Naming the dog “Archie”, HOPE lamented how he was treated, describing it as gross neglect.

As he wasn’t licensed nor microchipped, it’s not possible to hold anybody accountable either.

They can only hope that somebody will do a good deed and adopt him, or at least help to pay his veterinary bills.

Those who want to help may get in touch with the group by emailing them at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg or sending them a private message on their Facebook page.

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Featured image adapted from HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore.

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