Turf Club Dog Adoption Drive On 20 Apr Lets You Bring Home Adorable HDB-Approved Furkids

Turf Club Dog Adoption Drive At Sunny Heights

If you’ve always wanted to adopt a furry companion as an addition to your family, mark your calendars for this Saturday (20 Apr).

Voice For Animals, an animal welfare organisation in Singapore, will be holding a one-day adoption drive from 1-6pm at Sunny Heights, in Bukit Timah.


There’ll be many dogs up for adoption, including those bailed out from pounds, breeding dogs, as well as those given up by their ex-owners.

Here are 2 of the dogs you can look forward to meeting at the adoption drive and who knows, you might just be the loving owner that they are looking for!

Puppy-eyed beagle

This beagle puppy’s enchanting eyes may just be one of the cutest things you’ll encounter at the drive.

At just 4 months old, he has a slight physical condition with both front legs, making him look bow-legged.

Will you adopt me, pretty please?

He was put up for adoption by his ex-owner as he is overly hyperactive and playful.

No! It wasn’t me who destroyed all these pee pads!

Being a young beagle, he has boundless energy and loves engaging in activities like swimming.

Wuff, this pool is all mine now!

This furry brown friend is now seeking a very patient owner who can spend loads of time giving him all the attention he needs.

Bichon dog with a snowy white fur coat

This adorable 8-month old Bichon Frise has a gorgeous white coat that’s sure to entice everyone she meets to give her loving pats and strokes.  

Her previous owner gave her up as a result of an existing eye condition that she suffers from.

Hi, are you going to love me and my paw prints?

Our fluffy white canine here is now hoping for a caring owner who will love her in spite of her condition.

HDB-approved breeds for adoption

Apart from the 2 doggies, there are many other dogs who are also looking for loving homes at the drive.

Most of the furkids up for adoption are at least 5 years old.

Do note that you’ll have to bring your entire family, including your domestic helpers, in order to adopt one of them.

This is presumably so they can see if the families are serious about the adoption and will give the dogs a loving home that they deserve.

Here are more details on the adoption drive.

Location: Voice For Animals Adoption Drive
110 Turf Club Road, Sunny Heights, Singapore 288000
Date & time: Saturday (20 Apr), 1-6pm

We hope the doggies at the drive will be able to find homes they can spend the rest of their lives in.

Featured image from Voices For Animals on Facebook and Facebook.

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