Chewbacca The Mongrel Is Awaiting HDB Approval & Loves 2-3 Walks Daily

Update (28 May): A month ago, Exclusively Mongrels put up an adoption notice for Chewbacca, a mongrel whose owner was leaving Singapore.

While they have received numerous inquiries about fostering or adopting him, folks from the group decided to tame him down first as he was “growling and snapping”.

For the past month, Chewbacca has been undergoing training to socialise with other canines and humans.

He was also sent to a foster home to get him accustomed to a home environment again.

The group has now deemed Chewbacca fit for adoption once again.

Here is their latest appeal, posted on Monday (27 May).


Exclusively Mongrels posted a heartfelt plea seeking potential foster homes for an adorable mongrel named Chewbacca.

The fuzzy pupper has captured hearts online for resembling Chewbacca of the Star Wars franchise.


Here’s their appeal in full, posted on Tuesday (16 Apr).


Current adopter is leaving S’pore in 2 weeks

About 3 years ago, Chewbacca found a home with his current owner at the behest of Exclusively Mongrels.

Due to unknown reasons, his owner will be leaving Singapore in 2 weeks. Chewbacca will thus be returned to the non-profit organisation.

Which brings us to the situation now, where he’ll need a new home in Singapore.

Pre-fur-ably a forever home this time, so the pupper can finally enjoy some stability in his life.

Shy with strangers, but warms up to them

Exclusively Mongrels shares that Chewie is “shy with strangers” and will need “time to warm up”. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll be a hard pup to manage.

The 3.5-year-old mongrel has already been grass-trained and is able to pee or poop outside the house.

He enjoys the 2-3 routine walks daily, and is okay with being alone when his owner is away.

Chewbacca has lived in a condo previously. He has also undergone obedience training for adopters staying in public housing and is now HDB-approved.

His temperament towards children and felines isn’t currently known, and he’s “fairly selective” with dogs.

Even if adopting him permanently isn’t on the cards, Exclusively Mongrels wouldn’t mind entrusting him to a responsible fosterer while they seek a home for him.

A pet is for life

We sincerely hope that Chewbacca will be able to find a fosterer and forever home quickly as moving house multiple times isn’t exactly a pleasant experience.

For humans, and for dogs alike.

Some much-needed stability and TLC will be great for an upstanding mongrel citizen like Chewbacca who has only ever wanted a family to call his own.


Do drop Exclusively Mongrels a DM if you are able to help Chewbacca in any way.

Featured image from Exclusively Mongrels on Facebook.