Caucasian Man In Taiwan Tries Domino’s Boba Pizza, Delightfully Downs All Of It In 30 Mins

Domino’s Taiwan Releases Brown Sugar Milk Tea Boba Pizza

Taiwan is well-known for their plethora of bubble tea, with pearls so ‘QQ’ and tasty, this beverage is definitely a must-try for anyone visiting the country.

If you’re a fellow bubble tea lover, you’ll be thrilled to know that Taiwan just stepped up their bubble tea game when Domino’s released their new creation — Brown Sugar Milk Tea Boba Pizza.


Here’s a look at this hotly debated pizza flavour that’s gotten the Internet stirring.

If you think this sweet concoction sounds gross, it was apparently not the case for a Caucasian man in Taiwan, Lev Nachman.

Nachman tried Domino’s Boba Pizza in Taiwan

Upon the release of this new Domino’s pizza, many people, including Mr Nachman, joined in the fun and bought a box himself.

As the boba pizza was such a bizarre creation, Mr Nachman had to document his experience on Twitter.


Just 10 minutes in, Mr Nachman continued the Twitter thread with a reaction probably no one was expecting.

Omg it’s incredible. They nailed it. Not joking, everyone here needs to try this.

Following the proclamation of love for the boba pizza, Mr Nachman shared that the pearls on the pizza wasn’t ‘mushy’ as imagined. Instead, they were,

超級Q af

It means “super cute AF” in Chinese.

Finished the entire thing in 30 minutes

Around 30 minutes later, Mr Nachman posted a picture of the pizza box with only a slice of pizza left. With that, he said “for all the haters, you should know it’s almost gone.”


BRB, going to Taiwan

Unfortunately, this pizza is not coming to Singapore.

But, it will be available in Taiwan from now to 24 Nov 2019.

That means, you have about 1 month to book your flight and zoom to the nearest Domino’s in Taiwan to taste it for yourselves — if you’re really keen.

Feature images adapted from Instagram and Twitter

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