Frog Mascot Roams S’pore After Being Inspired By Douyin Vids, She Loves Making Others Happy

Woman Who Wears Douyin Frog Mascot Costume Around Singapore Malls Finds It Fun

Mascots are taking over Singapore and social media, it would seem. Two famous mascots, the Mixue Snow King and a saluting frog mascot popularised on Douyin, have been spotted around Singapore getting up to antics.

MS News spoke to a frog costume-donning woman, Apple, who is in her 30s and started doing so for fun.


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Since her debut at Our Tampines Hub on 24 May, she has also gone to other locations, and enjoys spreading joy with kids and adults alike.

And yes, she was, in fact, the one who met the Mixue mascot in Paya Lebar on Thursday (25 May) and chased it around.

Saluting Frog Mascot Chases Mixue Snowman At Paya Lebar Square, Latter Deflates In Defeat

All in the name of good fun, of course.

Woman buys Douyin frog mascot costume, dons it around Singapore

Apple, a home-based business owner in her 30s, was inspired by Douyin videos of the chaotic frog mascot.

Finding the mascot hilarious, she decided to buy a costume two weeks ago for herself to try. Though the costume itself cost between S$40-50, shipping fees meant it came up to around S$100 in total, she shared with MS News.

Apple explained that she enjoys “doing funny things”, especially to her two kids. She doesn’t believe in being too serious.

“So . . . why not do something happy? Some people don’t accept it, but I can, so why not?” she said.

At first, she merely wanted to film some videos to post, but her husband suggested that she wear the mascot suit out instead.

And so, together with her husband and kids, Apple headed down to Our Tampines Hub on Wednesday (24 May) wearing the costume, which she describes as “very hot”.

They found out that many people enjoyed the mascot, so she has continued to visit other areas in Singapore “mostly every day” since she first started.

“We realised so many people were so into it. So why not? I continue to do it since it’s just half an hour of playing a fool outside,” Apple shared.

As a home-based business owner, she also has more freedom to do what she does.

Unbothered by negative remarks saying she’s copying trends or wasting time

At first, Apple was somewhat worried about whether people knew about the trend. But so far, she’s making people laugh.

She even “fought” another frog mascot selling inflatable baby frogs at Paya Lebar Square.


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“On my first day, I saw one lady salute to me, and she’s not young. I was quite shocked because youngsters don’t even salute me at the start.”

However, since then, more people have caught on to the trend on TikTok and salute the costume when they see it.

Source: TikTok

That said, with the fans come the detractors too, some of whom say people like Apple are simply copying trends online.

People say we copycat, copy from Douyin. But don’t you copy anything from anywhere else? I think TikTok and other social platforms are places where you get new things and ideas.

“I’m not bothered.”

Since she has kids, she particularly enjoys seeing kids play around her and likes that she’s giving joy to them.

Meeting Mixue mascot

A few fans had suggested that she head down to Paya Lebar and interact with Mixue’s mascot. After all, it was a meeting that was highly anticipated by people who love both the Douyin frog and Snow King.

“The moment I got out of the lift, I saw the Mixue shop on the right side. The staff, I think they knew that the frog was here, so they got the Mixue mascot out too.

“It was so fun. Like, Mixue run to you, you run to Mixue. We were running around, playing a fool,” she said, adding that she and the guy behind the Mixue mascot immediately clicked the moment they saw each other.

“We were at it for more than 30 minutes for sure,” said Apple, adding that it was longer than planned.

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